More First Date Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

I think I’ve covered this area before. However, it’s such an important aspect of dating that I want to cover it again. Going on a first date can be intimidating for most people. You are both basically not sure what to expect. You’re likely very nervous and are afraid of rejection. Neither of you really want to fail or come off looking like a loser. I’ve been there more times than you ever will.

When you finally meet the person you’ve been chatting online with for days, you want to have some questions to ask them. Not questions that are stiff or anything like that. You want to ask questions that make them more interested in you. Heck, you should ask questions that are going to turn a girl on enough to make her panties wet. First date or not, you can get in her pants if you ask the right questions. Here are some first date questions that will help relieve some of the stress.

First Date Questions To Ask A Girl

A Few More First Date Questions To Ask A Girl You Want To Bang

Use your  imagination here and don’t come off to pressing or you’ll never bang the girl you’re out with. Well, I shouldn’t say that actually. She may just be a horny girl that just wants to fuck someone. In which case, you were dealt the right card! Here are some questions you can ask the girl.

What kind of relationship are you looking for and why? This is perhaps the most important question to ask on a first date. In fact, it’s the staple of all first date questions. You want to know what she wants and what you are getting yourself into. Determine if you are both on the same page before you do anything. There is nothing to be gained if both of you are rowing in opposite directions. No one likes wasting time. Plus, you could be back at home on some nude Snapchat with some hottie.

What do you think is the biggest mistake that people make in their relationships? This will tell you what turns your date on and off. You want to know so you don’t make the same mistake. Their answer will also tell you their ideas about people.

What qualities do you like in an ideal relationship? Your date will tell you what they are looking for in life. What kind of relationships they expect and their aspirations with others. I prefer girls to say, “I’m not looking for anything serious. Just casual fun!” When I hear that, I know I’m going to be taking a trip to fuck town later on!

Have you ever had your broken heart? A simple no is made mostly by more attractive and defensive people. The majority of honest people will say yes. This reveals the humility of your date. It’s risky as far as first date questions are concerned because it can really change the tone of things but give it a shot.

What excites you the most about dating? This question will make your date feel happy or excited hopefully. In which case, they may begin to feel more comfortable too.

Has any book or movie made an impact on you? Books and movies have always been important influences on popular culture. You can have an animated and interesting discussion about how they have inspired or influenced your past relationships.

What annoys you the most? You could laugh about what annoyed you in other people that you have dated. Just be sure not to be insulting in case your date is a friend of your ex. What you say about them may get back to them.

What job would you like if you could have any in the world? This question lets you discover what drives your date. You will find out if they care more about working for money or working for the joy of it.

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time? This question will help to know if you can share leisure activities. Their answer will also tell you if they are an indoor or outdoor person.

What do you look for in a sex partner? The answer will reveal the true bedroom wants and needs of your date. Some people may deflect honest answers by saying the usual like good looks and a sense of humor and a mean orgasm are usual the answer to this question.

What is your definition of successful dating? The ideal answer would be one where both people have some fun, get to know each other and are intimate.

Why did your last online dating relationship end? Look for danger signs when they answer this questions. Their answer will reveal a lot about their nature especially if they blame and whine instead of owning up to some responsibility.

What is the strangest most fun thing you’ve done on a date? You want her to respond with having sex on a carnival ride or something like this. You know, something that’s wild where you can react with a response that states “let’s go do the same!”

These questions are simple yet effective first date questions to ask any girl. Don’t be scared to kink kinky or personal  either. If you met this local girl on an adult dating network, chances are she’ll be down to fuck. Just play it cool and you’ll get your pussy. I’m sure of that.

Why I Avoid Skye Sex And Use Dating Sites With Video Chat Instead

I’m not sure if you know it or not but Skype sex has recently become super popular amongst various groups of society. After all, who doesn’t like having sex, regardless of the type! However, I’m going to say something that might come as a big shock to you. I avoid Skype sex at all costs. No, I don’t avoid video sex chat altogether, just Skype sex. I am going to tell you a few reasons why I don’t do it and why you should think about doing it using a dating site or hookup app instead.

skype sex sucks

Three Main Reasons I Don’t Have Skype Sex

These reasons may make me sound paranoid but I want them to be heard. I also want it known that I love having one on one video chats with girls I meet online. We just don’t use Skype for that. Here’s why…

Connection Sucks
Most of the time when I’m trying to use Skype in general, the connection sucks big time. I’m not talking about a little lag either. I’m talking about connections issues you can’t believe with ever other word cutting out. Far as I’m concerned, you can’t have a good sexting video conversation when you’re only getting every other word that your partner is saying. Most dating sites that I use have technology that combats this shitty connection issue. Be it on a mobile phone or my laptop, it works like a charm!

It’s Insecure
While I’m very comfortable with myself and showing off my naked body. I don’t like the fact that every Skype sex session is prone to a security breach. I like having the comfort of using a secure connection and chatting with girls via an online dating network. Once you’ve tapped into their network, your security increases 1000%. For that reason alone I love dating sites.

Bad Intentions
Some people that you may meet via Skype may not have the best intentions. They may make it seem like they want to have a quick skyping session with you naked and alone only to find out they aren’t alone or they have other plans during your session. Should you decide to use a site dedicated to adult dating then you will likely meet individuals with the same intentions as yourself.

Sexting Isn’t As Good
I know I’m going to catch hell for this but the Skype app sucks when it comes to sexting and chatting on the go. Most of the sites I join have apps with slick user interfaces that work seamlessly no matter what you are doing and where you are. I use sexting as a way to first connect with girls and if the app doesn’t function the way I need it to then I get pissed. My point is that Skype’s text function is garbage.

I strongly suggest that you not waste your time in hopes of finding a virtual fuck session. Instead, join a legit casual dating site and stop fucking around!

Btrfly App: Is This Tinder For Travelers That Want Airport Sex?

I’ve recently come across a dating app on the market called Btrfly today. If you’re an avid traveler then you may want to keep reading about this new dating app. Over the last 12 months, I’ve spent 3 months traveling back and forth to bachelor destinations, like Las Vegas and other adult party destinations in an attempt to party my face off and meet women. This app is basically telling me that I just need to hang out at an airport terminal if I want to get laid.

btrfly app review

Btrfly App Connects Travelers Looking To Fuck

Full disclosure, I’m just investigating this app as I have no intentions of actually using it to get laid. Here’s what I learned about it…

The Btrfly dating app allows you to chat with other BtrFly app users that actually heading to the same destination as you or that are visiting the same airport.

How many times have you gotten on a plane and hoped that you had a seat next to one of the hot girls on that flight? I’ve wished for that on a number of occasions and it’s actually come true from time to time. This new app may seal the deal and get you joining the mile high club if you play your cards right and have fast dating game.

All you need to do is enter your flight information or choose an airport that you’re currently located. You can connect with other single people at the airport, get a drink with them or even fuck them in the airport bathroom stall.

btrfly dating

Some have called this site the Tinder of airport sex. I’m not sure that this tagline is justified. As you know, I’ve written about Tinder on various occasions. Remember that I previously wrote about Tinder adding the super likes button and other features. I gotta say that Btrfly is not even close to the size of Tinder. It’s virtually incomparable but it may get you laid.

I must warn you that this app is has been around since 2014 and it’s just now getting press. The team is based out of Canada and the United Kingdom. I wouldn’t hate fucking some hot blonde girl in the bathroom of a plane or even on the ground at the terminal. I’m open to exciting adventures like this. However, I’m going to stick to my tried and true apps like the ones I mentioned here because they work. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it! Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

Signs Your Dating An Attention Whore (That Doesn’t Like You)

You finally connected with, like the true pick up artist you are. You have finally started dating her! Well, if she turns out to be an attention whore, then you’re basically not even really dating her. Instead, you’re chasing this attention grabbing girl around with little to no hope of ever getting laid by her. In my very humble yet knowledgeable opinion, the attention whore is extremely smart and she knows just what to do to grab your attention, wallet and everything else but your cock. Stop chasing and read this to stop for good if you are dating an attention whore.

attention whore signs

Signs She’s A Huge Attention Whore And Nothing More

Here are a few signs that you’re dating a full fledge attention whore that only has the intentions of getting you to chase her, nothing more than that. You’ve got to be careful with these types of girls. They do a fantastic job of reeling you in and some of them lurk on many of the adult dating sites that exist today. You’ve got to know what signs to look for.

For starters, let me say that if you’re a super nice guy or a white good dude, then chances are your just what any attention whore is looking for. She knows who you are and how to get you roped into her plan. Don’t let your guard down until you’ve confirmed she’s not the whore she might be. Here are some signs to watch out for.

She Ignores Your Private Messages But Talks To You In Group Chats
If you’re a member of a dating site or any social network and the girl that you’re talking to continues to ignore your personal text messages and private emails, however, she responds and interacts socially then she’s an attention whore. I’ve come across plenty of girls that do this on snapchat sites I use and other social dating sites. Don’t fall for it. If she’s not privately messaging you then she’s not into you.

She Keeps Inviting But Changing The Dates
If you find yourself talking to a girl that continuously changes the time, date and location of your planned dates and you’ve never really met up with her but she gives you the time of day otherwise, well…you guessed it! Probably an attention whore looking to communicate but not date and definitely not hook up with you.

She Never Really “Dates” You
If you’ve been communicating with a girl on a sex dating site and she never finds the time to go on a date with you then she’s without a doubt an attention whore to the fullest extent. These types of girls love having sex on video and make time for naked sext videos but they can’t ever find the time to actually go on a date with you and they definitely will have sex with you.

She’s Dating Her Phone
If you happen to go out on a date with a girl and she can’t put her phone down for even a few minutes then she’s probably more interested in what’s going on in her phone versus actually being on the date with you. In other words, she has your attention and is craving it from someone else she’s messaging.

She Flirts Too Much
Girls that want attention will flirt as much as possible. They will do their absolute best to flirt online, via text, in person, basically, anytime they can do so. These flirting sluts are attention whores. Don’t fall for it because you’re not the only one!

She’s Kind Of Crazy
If the girl you are on a date with seems kind of crazy then it might be a sign that she’s seeking attention. Most crazy girls need attention and the crazier the more attention they need. Keep that in mind if she starts talking nonsense on your meetup. Skip the hotel room, get the tab and get the fuck out of there.

Not All Girls Crave Attention
Okay, I’ll end this on a good note. Not all girls that are on the market are attention whores. In fact, many of the girls on fuck dating websites are the exact opposite. It’s the girls that are on and eHarmony that tend to be the attention whores. The girls on hook up sites just want to get dicked!

That said, join a real dating site that works. Meet someone and get laid today.

Why Miami Escorts Are Not Worth Hiring

I’m usually not one to hire an escort. Given my background and experience in the online dating scene, I know where to go if I want to get laid. That said, I’m going to tell you why Miami escorts are simply not worth hiring. If you’ve ever thought about having sex with an escort in Miami, then I suggest you read this in full before taking that route. It may save you time, money and even jail time.

avoid miami escorts

Miami Escorts Suck, Here’s Why

Too Much Drama
If you’ve never been to Miami then you might not understand this. But, if you have, I can almost guarantee that you know what I’m talking about. Miami escorts are drama to the fullest extent. Every time I’ve tried to hire a girl, it ends up being some drawn out issue that takes forever to make happen. Then when they get there it’s all about them and their issues that they gotta resolve. It’s a fuck show and not in a good way. That’s not good for someone that likes to avoid drama.

They All Lie
Don’t take offense if you’re a local Miamian but Miami girls lie sometimes. I know, that’s a shocker right! However, if you think typical “Dale” booty girls running around the malls lie, then you have no idea the types of lies that come out of Miami escorts mouths. I’m talking beyond believable. I’ve heard it all really. They more full of shit than a portapotty at a Lollapalooza festival. Some Miami hoes will say they live in mansions and drive BMWs or that they don’t have boyfriends. Quite frankly, it’s all a bunch of bullshit. You gotta watch out for some of the escorts that like to run scams too. The good news is that the dating sites geared towards meeting and hooking up don’t have many liars on them. Those are just girls that want to get laid for free!

Local Girls Online Are Hotter
You don’t need to hire escorts in Miami. You just need to be able to score local pussy and you’ll be a winner. The local girls are ten times hotter than the nasty call girls in Dade County. Head to Bal Harbour or Merrick Park and you’ll find some real hot local girls that want to fuck.

Strip Clubs
The girls dancing in the strip clubs are top notch hotties. The girls at Dean’s Gold blow away 95% of the Miami escorts that you see working the streets. There’s no need to talk to the hood rat hoes on the corner when you can hit the VIP.

Too Expensive
Everything is expensive in Miami, even the escorts. If you have cash to burn then that’s not a problem for you. However, most of us don’t have money to throw away like that. Miami escorts are some of the most expensive girls I’ve ever hired in my lifetime. I no longer hire any of these girls just because of that reason alone.

Truth is, I don’t need any escorts. I’m a premium member of enough dating sites that I can pretty much get laid for free anytime I want to. I’ve perfected the art of getting laid online and you can too. Practice makes perfect. Join a dating site today.

How To Find A Date In San Jose California

I’m not going to lie, I have spent a decent amount of time in San Jose. Well, there a lot of ways of finding you can find a date in San Jose, CA. There are a lot of people in this big city looking for someone to have fun with. Let’s face it, Internet dating works, but I’m also going to share a few ways you can meet someone in San Jose, CA.

san jose date

Tips To Finding A Date In San Jose, CA

You can go to a bar, be smart about your choice of venue. If you like music, pick a bar that plays songs to your taste and you’ll have more chances of finding someone with a similar taste. A great option is JJ’s Blues Lounge. If you like listening to blues while enjoying a cold beer with someone, this place is the best in town for doing so and you can find a potential date with a similar taste in music. There are a lot of bars in San Jose with awesome music and great ambience. Most of them have a great vibe and attitude!

Check out and become a member, you can meet other singles in San Jose that are looking to hook up with someone. Join this site or one of the many other casual dating sites and connect with someone. Trust me, casual dating is more than fun! You just have to register and you’ll be notified about the next steps to take, give it a try! Should you choose to join this site or perhaps you want to join one like it, I suggest you read some of my reviews before doing so.

Another option is to contact the Singles Travel Company. If you’re not familiar with the Singles Travel Company, it’s a travel agency from San Jose dedicated to providing vacation packages for singles of all ages. The site is user-friendly and you’ll find all information you need. There is a range of personalities and occupations of the people who travel with Singles Travel Company but most of them are professional, friendly individuals looking to meet new people just like you. Maybe it’s possible to find someone to fuck that’s hired the Singles Travel Company. I haven’t used it but it just might work.

If you’re looking for local events in the San Jose, CA area, you should use On this website, you’ll find information about events for singles in San Jose, CA. They sponsor parties just about every week of the year, at different locations around the San Francisco Bay Area. Often they are at major hotel ballrooms, such as The Fairmont on Nob Hill, Westin St Francis on Union Square, San Jose Marriott, Pleasanton Marriott, Embassy Suites San Rafael, Sheraton Petaluma, Flamingo Santa Rosa. We also do parties at some of the finest and largest restaurants and nightclubs in the Bay Area. Sign up and check out the calendar to go to the next party. Maybe you’ll meet someone looking for sex.

That should give you enough ideas on how to find a date in San Jose, CA. If you need more, feel free to contact me. Remember, you can always pay for sex as a last resort but I would suggest you join a sex dating site first. Whatever you do, you definitely do not want to use Craigslist! There are far too many dating scams that occur using Craigslist and it’s a haven to trouble.

Important Relationship Problems to Avoid

Relationship problems happen, even when you’re using a casual dating site. Stuff happens and things sometimes evolve. When you are with someone for an extended period of time and the relationship ends; you might be left wondering where things went wrong. If you learn to recognize things that are problematic in any relationship; it will help keep it healthy. These tips should help.

relationship problems

Relationship Problems You must Avoid

Here are some of the most common relationship problems to avoid:

Being secretive: Every good relationship is based on honesty. I’ve said it hundreds of times. Being honest when dating is best. Short term or long term it really doesn’t matter. If you start keeping secrets, your partner will know that you are not being honest with them eventually. Things like this will erode a
relationship faster than anything. The more you hide, the more you are pushing your partner away and damaging the relationship.

Not trusting your partner: If you don’t trust your partner; what are you in a relationship for? If they feel like you don’t trust them, they will also feel like you don’t respect them. Many people
fall into a jealousy trap which can damage trust. Jealousy is a wasted emotion and does not belong in a relationship, especially a long-term one or it won’t be very long term.

Name-calling: Arguments are crucial in any relationship, but you must avoid letting them escalate into name calling. This is another thing that shows a lack of respect for your partner. Don’t be
afraid to speak your mind in a relationship, but be careful not to let it go so far that you regret what you say later.

Leaving things unsaid: One mistake that a lot of people make is not saying what’s on their mind for fear of rocking the boat. If you leave things unsaid, you are only hurting the relationship.
Communication must be left open for a relationship to last.

Going to bed angry: You may have heard the saying “don’t go to bed angry” and the saying couldn’t be truer. A good rule of thumb is to resolve all issues before you go to bed. You don’t want to let problems fester for any amount of time. You have to talk them out and purge them.

Money: You might take issue with me saying to avoid money, but I don’t mean literally. I mean avoid the problems that money presents. Don’t let lack of money put you on edge and at each other’s  throat. Put your heads together and find a solution instead.

That’s basically every topic that can be the root of relationship problems. Just avoid them. Now go get fucked!

Maryland Matchmakers Scam A Woman For $3,000

If you live in Maryland and you’re using a matchmaking service, then you’re going to want to make sure you’re not using the same service that scammed a woman out of $3,000. This Maryland woman is named Tobi Adewole and she’s a resident of Maryland.

maryland matchmakers dating scam

Credit: WUSA9

Maryland Matchmakers Scam Lots of People

Tobi Adewole, 52, was doing everything she could to find someone to date online. She decided to contact some local matchmakers to help her find love. Obviously, Tobi did this thinking that it would increase her odds of meeting someone to hook up with. So, she did what any other lonely person might do. She decided to sign a contract that Maryland Matchmakers drew up in exchange for helping her find love.

She was looking for someone that was the same religion as her and someone approximately the same age. After signing the contract, she gave Maryland Matchmakers $3,000 for their services. Well, she only connected with one individual for a single date and the person that Maryland Matchmakers connected her with wasn’t even Christian.

Apparently, Tobi Adewole contacted the company and asked them to set her up on another date. Well, knowing that she didn’t drive on the highway and knowing her exact location, they ended up matching her with someone in Pennsylvania.

I thought this was absolutely insane! Talk about a dating scam! This one has got to be one of the biggest matchmaker scams that I’ve come across in quite some time. Tobi apparently wasn’t the only one to complain about the bad service experience. In fact, according to the Better Business Bureau, the Maryland Matchmakers have an addition 46 complaints that have been filed against the company.

A local television station tried to help recoup the Tobi Adewole’s costs here but I don’t think they were very successful.

Due to the number of scams that I’ve seen over the years, I actually decided to create a section on the where we expose a number of online dating scams so our readers don’t get suckered into joining bad sites.

If you’ve been scammed, please send us your experiences so we can share them with the rest of our readers!

Ed Weeks Dating Bellamy Young These days?

Bellamy Young Dating Ed Weeks

I haven’t provided you with a juicy celebrity dating update in a long time. Too long in fact and for that I sincerely apologize. I’m going to make more of an effort to spread some dating news with you that you won’t even be able to resist. I’ll start right now. For starters, Ed Weeks is now dating Bellamy Young!

Bellamy Young and Ed Weeks Kiss Publicly

If you’re a fan of scandal, then you know exactly which hot milf Bellamy Young plays. She plays Mellie, the first lady and later senator. Bellamy Young is no stranger to being watched in public. Playing the first lady in a TV show must have her feel like she’s being watched on a regular basis.

However, sometimes you give zero fucks and you instead decide to let someone kiss you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. That’s what happened recently at an Oscars Party that Elton John through.

According to US Weekly, the couple seemed to have been in their own little world. They were flirting with each other and they look liked they were having fun.

I’m not hating on either of these two. I think it’s great that Ed Weeks is hooking up with a hot mature woman. In fact, I love having sex with older women. It’s something I try to do every couple weeks myself.

In honor of Ed’s newest catch, I’m going to share with you a video of Bellamy Young looking sexy per usual in her role on the hit TV show Scandal.

If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a smoking hot picture of Bellamy Young during a photo shoot that she recently did. I have to ask you something and I would love to get responses from readers on this. If given the chance, would you ever fuck the president of the United States if a woman got elected? I’d probably do it just to say that I banged in the White House!

bellamy young model shoot

Why I Avoid Escort Sites Like Naughty Reviews

If you’re a typical guy that gets in a rut every so often then you go through the same thing that we all do. However, I always avoid escort sites even if I have a hard time getting laid. I’m going to share a few reasons why I feel that you absolutely do not need to use these sites and why I avoid escort sites like the plague.

I Avoid Escort Sites

Naughty Reviews Escort Site That I DO NOT USE EVER!

A Few Reasons Why I Avoid Escort Sites

Here’s a quick rundown of why I avoid sites that only list escorts.

Plenty of Sex Dating Out There
For starters, there are literally hundreds of dating sites out there that you can join that don’t require you to pay the girl for having sex with you. I’ve gotten lucky on a number of occasions using casual dating sites and if I find myself in a rut, I simply join another one. It’s as easy as that really! Given that there are so many hookup sites out there it should come as no surprise that there’s no need to use an escort site.

Escort Sites Are Shady
Have you ever tried using an escort site? They are shady as fuck and they simply don’t give me the comfort that I get when using a site like Fling or Fuckbook where I know I’m going to get laid. I rather not have to deal with the legal issues that come with using an escort website.

All They Care About Is Money
I don’t mind spending money, but all the women on these escort sites care about is making some coin. If I’m using a dating site it’s because I want to meet someone to fuck and have fun with offline. I don’t want them focusing only on the money the whole time we are together. It’s not what I signed up for and that’s one of the reasons I typically avoid escort sites.

I Don’t Need Them
Truth be told, I live in the land of escorts and it’s relatively easy for me to walk out my door in sunny South Florida to find an escort. It’s probably too easy to be perfectly honest and I don’t need an escort site to do that.

Too Much Legal Trouble
Escort sites like Naughty Reviews and USA Sex Guide have WAY too many legal issues to even make me want to deal with them. No one wants to set up a date to fuck someone and get arrested right!

That should be plenty of reasons why you should stick to true casual dating sites where you can meet real girls that just want to fuck without actually having to pay for them.

#1 dating site to join