MouseMingle: A New Disney Fan Dating Site? WTF!

Are you a big fan of beauty and the beast or frozen? Perhaps you’re not alone. In fact, there is no perhaps about it. There are millions of individuals that are fans of Disney and what Walt Disney created. In fact, so many that a new dating site recently launched that was exclusively built for fans of Disney. – Disney Dating Site

The Official Disney Dating Site Has Just Launched

No, Disney and the companies have not created an internet dating website. However, their fans have done something for them to help each fanatic connect with one another in hopes of finding “the one” I guess. According to LAMag, this site is the latest buzz for Disney fanatics.

Do I believe it’s a good idea?

Heck no! I think creating a dating website based on the fact that two individuals are Disney fans is just plain crazy and a little creepy even.  I’d rather stick with the dating sites for adults that I review – it’s more straight to the point.

Here’s how the site works: users are prompted to check boxes sharing with the community what their favorite Disney songs are, what they have purchased for Disney products and their level of Disney knowledge even. It’s free to join and anyone can actually view a profile but if you want to make a connection, it’s going to cost you a $12.55 membership.

I would absolutely never join this dating website. It’s far too strange to me and seems a bit out of the ordinary that someone would want to use Disney to try and get laid or connect with someone. No thanks, I’ll stick with instead. At least I know I’ll get laid and won’t have to think about some crazy cartoon! Weirdos!

Single Mom Joins & Shares Her Thoughts

A single mom decided she was going to share the last 10 things she bought with the world. What she ended up buying and her thoughts of it just might surprise you! She decided to publish an article revealing her purchases and the reasons behind it. I’ll skip the boring stuff and try to focus on what matters here, her attempt to hook up with someone.

single moms dating

Single Mother Gives Online Dating A Shot

An article published today in Forbes, shared what most of us keep extremely private, a list of all our purchases and the premise behind them. A single mother of two, Jennifer, from the Chicago area went on a revealing spree right after her shopping spree. She confessed to buying some household items, lunch and a number of other things. Among those items was a subscription to the ever popular dating site Jennifer signed up for the three month plan and it cost her $77.97. The funniest part about the purchase was that she stated she was hoping that “It’s more like a three week plan.” According to Jennifer, she’s never had any intentions of joining an online dating site but she now has one and is looking to connect with someone.

Jennifer met with her friend for a few drinks and her friend was supportive and agreed with her taking the leap into the online dating pool. She lined up her first date at Starbucks for a whopping $5.14 latte. Sounds like a real blast! Now, I must commend this single mom for taking the leap into the Internet dating pool, but I have some feedback and words of wisdom for her. For starters, if she’s looking to hook up with someone (be it a quick fling or a someone to hook up with on the regular) she’s using the wrong website! Based on my personal experiences, I’ve not had any luck finding love nor lust on Match. I tried a number of mainstream dating sites with zero success. That’s why I crossed over into the casual dating arena. My success level went through the roof at that point.

So, if Jennifer wants to continue wasting her money on shitty overpriced pumpkin spiced latte drinks at a local coffee shop, then she should continue to use If she wants to actually get laid and really spice up her life then I’d suggest joining one of the adult dating sites I use instead! It’s more fun anyway and more often than not a heck of a lot cheaper!

Rapper Future Denies Dating Blac Chyna After Tattoo

Sometimes you have these crazy thoughts of loving someone so much that you want to prove it to the world. That’s what apparently happened when Blac Chyna got a tattoo of Future’s name on her hand. Are they an item?

future dating blac chyna

Credit: WireImage / FJRNEWZ / Splash News

Future Denies Dating Blac Chyna!

By the sounds of it, I don’t think Blac Chyna and Future will be dating anytime soon in the near, well, future. LOL! She did the unthinkable, breaking one of the staple rules of hooking up with one another. She got a Future tattoo on her hand.

According to Daily Mail, Blac Cyna got this tattoo and showed it off to the world and when she did, Future denied her entirely. The saying, “think before you ink” is one that should never be forgotten and this is good reason why.

Now, her tattoo may just mean something else. It may not be a a symbol of her love for the rapper, but her keeping her eye on the future. Who the heck knows really. What I do know is that it’s getting awfully rowdy these days with girls hooking up with men and getting tattoos of the guy’s names. They must be crazy!

I saw Future not too long ago at the Austin City Limits Concert in Austin, TX. He was a boss and had girls all over him. If Blac Chyna thinks she’s got that on lock, then she’s got another thing coming.

Don’t ink yourself with someone else’s name. It’s a bad decision.

Threesome Hookup App 3nder Thinks It Can Help

Are you a, “more the merrier” type of person? Well, some people are and the creators of 3nder think they have a shot at being the ultimate threesome dating app. Will they succeed? I don’t know, but I’ll give you my opinion on it!

3nder dating

3nder Tumblr

Threesome Dating App Hits The Streets

Threesomes are awesome, right? It’s every man’s fantasy and then some. They want a threesome with two smoking hot chicks that are horny and want to hook up. This is not a shocker by any means. The new app 3nder thinks there’s enough demand in the market that they created an app for that. The dating app is actually pronounced, Thrinder, which is similar to the pronunciation of Tinder.

According to Tech City, there are investors that have confidence in this brand too. Enough to invest $500,000 into the new startup. Now, it may seem like a bad idea to some, but others have taken a liking to it so it seems. According to the site, they’ve got 1.2 million messages being sent per month by users and roughly 4 million swipes taking place. Now, don’t let this number scare you. It’s no comparison to some of the other casual datin apps out there but it’s worth an honorable mention for a new venture.

Do I recommend using it?

Honestly, it’s probably a far better idea that you stick with the basics when it comes to casual dating. I mean, sites like Fuckbook, Fling and the others on my top list. Reason being is that there are a significant amount of individuals that use those sites that want threesomes. Given that 3nder is not a site that caters to anything else other than threesome dating.

Stick to the big ones and you’ll get laid. Stay focused and do not lose sight of the main objective. It’s best to ignore the noise.

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Is Dating Jerry Hall

Even old men have affairs! The super wealthy media mogul, Rupert Murdoch is now rumored to have been having a secret romantic fling with Mick Jagger’s old girlfriend, Jerry Hall. Some people may be thinking, “WTF, I can’t believe this!” While others may be thinking, “Good for him!” At any rate, here’s the scoop.

rupert murdoch dating jerry hall

Credit: Getty Images

Rupert Murdoch Hooks Up With Jerry Hall

The Australian-American businessman and media mogul, Rupert Murdoch is no longer with his young Asian wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch. He’s worth 12 billion USD and he’s the man when it comes to getting laid, so it seems! According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the two of them will be the topic of conversation during the rugby World Cup next weekend. There have been rumors flying around about these two being together, but nothing confirmed popped up. However, I did learn that according to the Daily Mail, the two were spotted on Broadway on a date.

Now, I’m not sure what Mick Jagger has to say about all this news since his ex-wife is now dating someone 25-years older than herself. If I were Mick, I would give zero fucks because there’s a really good chance that Mick Jagger can bang anyone he wants still.

If you’re an older gentlemen that wants to hookup with someone, it’s not too late. In fact, it’s never too late. There are so many sites that connect older men with younger women. It’s called sugar daddy dating. Check it out!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Dating ADD: Overcome It and Get Laid This Weekend

Dating and ADD can be a deadly combination. It can lead to never getting lucky and keep your lonely night streak running for a long, long, time. Regardless where you are on the ADD spectrum, I’m going to share some tips that will help you focus on completing the task of getting laid.

dating ADD facts

Too Many Choices?

My friends at Thrillist recently sent me an article on this and I have to give them credit for sharing some facts with me. According to a recent article published by Thrillist, many studies have been conducted which have proven that the vast number of choices we have today directly impact our ability to make selections when we have a lot of options.

This is something that I believe to be true. When presented with a limited number of choices we tend to make decisions a whole lot quicker. With 1000’s of dating apps and sites out there, people have a hard time focusing on only a few. This is one of the primary reasons why I’ve suggested that you only use the dating sites that I’ve personally ranked. Weeding out all the noise and distractions will help you stay focused on completing the task at hand…hooking up.

Avoid Oversaturation

Yes, there are tons of girls out there using dating sites, literally millions of users. A lot of sites are oversaturated with thousands of women. Yes, they are hot women too. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. I’m just saying that the typical reaction to the environment is bad. Here’s what happens in these situations, you join a typical dating site or app and you think that because there are so many users, you end up passing up every person that’s not perfect. You’re spending too much time trying to find The One, when you should be only focusing on find One That Wants Sex! Stop swiping left and start connecting with anyone you can because if you’re still waiting to come across the Ariana Grande nude dating profile, you’re going to be waiting for a long, long time!

Let The Pros Find The Best Sites

My main suggestion to avoid dating ADD is to let the pros find the best dating sites for you. Don’t waste your own time finding the best hookup sites. Leave that work to folks like myself that have spent thousands of hours doing it like it’s my job. You focus on getting laid and I’ll focus on continuing to test and rank sites so you don’t have to! Here’s my suggestion for this fine Saturday. If you haven’t joined one of the top 5 adult dating sites listed above, do it now. Once you’ve done so, I want you to fill out your profile and bio page completely. I then want you to focus just on finding someone to bang. Doing so without by passing more than 5 people. Then start chatting with them. See if that leads to “getting it on.” I’m sure it will!

Bill Murray Dating Jenny Lewis Now?

I just got wind that one of the funniest actors alive is possibly dating a woman half his age! That’s right, I heard that Bill Murray could possibly be dating Jenny Lewis. The famous What About Bob actor is 65 years old and was recently spotted with Jenny Lewis at the tail end of a party that he threw. The party was to celebrate hs new movie release, Rock the Kasbah and it took place in NYC.

bill murray dating jenny lewis

Credit: Photo by Jenny Lewis

Do you think this is a rumor or real?

Well, I’m here to report that it’s just a rumor! According to Jezebel, these two are in fact not dating. In addition to that, Bill Murray revealed to Howard Stern that he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he has other things he needs to take care of. In my personal opnion, I don’t think Bill Murray needs a girlfriend. There are plenty of horny girls that love older sugar daddies looking to hook up. If I were Bill, I’d simply find a few young women that want to bang and make an arrangement with them, then call it a day. He’s one funny guy!

Since, it’s Friday and I’m trying to get the heck out of here early, I’m going to keep this report shorter than usual. This should give you some time to search online for a hot date for the weekend. Find one, get laid and make me proud!

Casual Sex Dating Facts About Americans That You Didn’t Know

If you’re living in America like myself then there’s a chance that you’ll want to read this article. There’s a number of facts that I came across this morning after reading an article. These casual sex facts are ones that you likely didn’t know and wish you knew earlier! I have to give a shout out to Bustle for providing some of these awesome facts and doing the research.

american casual sex dating facts

Casual Sex Facts In America

According to a casual sex survey done by Adam & Eve, the study shows that up to 70 percent of Americans have had a one-night-stand. It get’s better though, the average number of one-night-stands seems to be up to five occasions with nine percent of people in the study admitting that they’ve had over twenty one-night-stands. I honestly wish that this NSA ONS number was a lot higher. I can live with this number!

Sex Once A Week?!?!

33 percent of the individuals that were a part of the study revealed that they have sex once a week. This number is absolutely low AF in my opinion! I know that I get laid way more than this and it’s more like four times per week for me. I think if you use more than one casual dating site your chances of getting laid will probably increase dramatically too.

Orgasms During Hookups Aren’t High Enough

The study also revealed that only 22 percent of people reported having an orgasm while hooking up with someone in a casual sex situation. This honestly seems extremely low to me. I’ve been able to successfully get off a lot of women and I’m pretty sure I came too from what I remember. The people in this study need to step their game up!

Americans Are Satisfied With their Sex Lives

The study revealed that 48 percent of Americans were satisfied with their sex lives. I’m sorry, but the only good thing about this statistic is that most people are unsatisfied with their sex lives and they are hopefully looking to improve this. Any women looking to do so need to join every dating site that I use immediately!

American College Students Want More

I ‘m not sure how many college students were involved in this study, but the results show that college students do want to get off and have casual hookups. However, the majority are also hoping that the hookups lead to more than just sex. I don’t know about this one. All I wanted was to get laid and to party during college. I wanted to hookup and nothing more. I don’t know why college kids want anything other than that!

These are just a few of the findings that I was able to dig up from this study. The important thing to remember here is that we can change these numbers by encouraging others to have more sex with more people and more often. Help contribute to the cause today! We all want to change the world and that’s likely to lead to more people using hookup dating sites. All I have to say is…

yes gif

Former Escort Reveals Louisville Basketball Recruits Knew About Sex Parties

When an escort comes out to talk about one of the greatest college basketball programs of all-time, the world listens! A former escort named, Katina Powell, took the time to write about her experiences setting up sex parties for some of the high-profile basketball college recruits.

katina powell escort

Former Escort Katina Powell reveals Louisville Basketball Recruit Sex Scandal

She even speaks about some sex side deals with strippers and escorts to encourage recruits to come and play basketball at Louisville.

The problem? Well, in my personal opinion, since I love strippers and escorts, especially the crazy girls Las Vegas has to offer, I have to say there is no problem with any of this! I think it’s genius! Now, the truth be told, it’s a problem and not okay. I get that. But the real question is whether or not Rick Pitino knew about this.

According to ESPN, the woman at the center of the controversy claims that she was paid over $10,000 to bring women to various recruitment parties.

I’m not 100% sure what the status of all this is and whether or not anyone is lying. To be quite honest, I’m not really concerned with any of it. I think Rick Pitino is one hell of a coach and I commend him and the Louisville Basketball association for doing the same thing that every other college program does. They want recruits so they need to give them things, money, strippers and escorts are sometimes accepted.

Get paid, get laid and play ball!

Cheating Wife’s Snapchat Sexy Pics Get Her Caught

Yes, we all know that people cheat. There are cheating housewives all over the place. To be fair, I love to hook up with them on affair dating sites that I use. However, this wife was trying to be sexy for her husband and she got caught cheating. Here’s why…

snapchat pics

Snapchat Homepage

Wife’s Snapchat Reveals Man In Hotel Room

The cheating wife shown below was a lonely housewife that was on a business trip. She decided to send a few sexy photos back to her husband to show her love for him. The reaction she received from her husband was not what she expected! The first couple pics didn’t get her trouble. In fact, it may have seemed like she was being genuine and was simply trying to connect sexually while being so far away. Then she sent over that other snap chat shot of her in a thong and it revealed something shocking to her husband!

cheating wife snapchat photo

Now if you look closely at that picture you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It turns out that according to The Chive, this lonely housewife was trying to be so cute, that she sent her husband a Snapchat of her wearing a thong, only she forgot about the guys boots that are seen in the bottom of the image. LOL! Now I don’t doubt that she’s cheating on him. That’s probably true, but she needs to not clean up her photo snapping skills and review them a little closer before sending them over to her husband.

I genuinely feel bad for her because her husband put her on blast with all these viral self shots. He’s asked for a divorce from her too supposedly. Had she decided to use an adult dating SnapChat site she could have sent and received as many selfies to other individuals besides her husband and without the worry of getting caught. I’d also suggest that she start using an affair dating website like Ashley Madison if she wants to get laid by someone other than her own husband. I hook up with married women all the time using this site and those similar.

One other thing I just have to mention, I don’t know where the hell this woman lives or what hotel she’s staying in but it’s definitely not five-star rated with that TV! Although it looks clean, I’m not staying in any hotel room with a technology from the 80’s.

I’ll end this article with a nice photo of the text from her husband…

cheating text response