Gwen Stefani Laughs Off Dating Rumors

Gwen Stefani dating rumors about The Voice judge has been flying around lately. It’s no surprise that the No Doubt singer is sexy, single and super talented. Is she ready to mingle and hook up though or is it just a rumor? Find out who the rumors are about right here too!

gwen stefani dating rumors

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Rumors

You know that Gwen Stefani recently split up with her husband. You also know that Blake Shelton got divorced not too long ago as well. These two spend an awful lot of time together and the rumors of them dating each other are still flying off the shelves! According to an exclusive interview on ET, she’s having fun with all the rumors of her hooking up with Blake Shelton and she’s been laughing off all of them! She supposedly laughed off any dating rumors and isn’t giving any information up to anyone that easily. I reported that Gwen filed for divorce with Gavin Rossdale months ago and I didn’t think that a new dating rumor about Gwen would be with another singer!

Now, I can’t blame Blake Shelton for wanting to start banging the blonde babe. I’d be all over that 24/7 if I worked with Gwen Stefani. She actually reminds me of a few girls that I’ve recently hooked up with on an adult dating website that I use. In fact, I love nothing more than to meet milfs that look like famous celebs. I spend time trying to message them early in the week, setting myself up for some weekend fun and hopefully getting the chance to bang them by Saturday night! You can do the same if you like beautiful moms like Gwen Stefani. As for whether or not Blake Shelton is giving it to Gwen, I don’t know, but I promise I’ll find out soon!

Amy Schumer Talks Dating ‘Live At The Apollo’

The funny Amy Schumer is a fantastic comedian. She’s got a comedian show that she’s making waves on and spent some time ‘Live at the Apollo’ recently. She’s won an Emmy, appeared on Saturday Night Live and now she’s talking dating and more during her shows!

Amy Schumer

Credit: HBO

A popular tech site decided to share some of the best jokes that Amy Schumer has shared recently during her stand-up comic shows. I got a kick out of a few of them too. She’s got a few things to say about some topics that I jut love or love to hate! LOL

According to Mashable, Amy Schumer had this to say on dating during a show she taped on HBO in a stand up act…

“I’m so annoyed I’m single again. That means I’m going to have to go out with a new dude, and we’ll go to the movies, and he’ll be like ‘Do you wanna get a popcorn?’ and I’ll be like ‘Oh my god, I hadn’t even thought about it…That’s not the whole reason I wanted to come see this piece of shit movie.’ I’ve left so many movies right after the previews because I finished my popcorn.

And then he’s like ‘What size do you want?’ and I’m like ‘Small, look at me.’ Meanwhile, a small popcorn? That’s like taking one Avdil, like get the fuck out of here.”

I have to say, I love her attitude here! She’s gives zero fucks about any movie business or anything of that nature. She hates dating and meeting new people on mainstream dates. I totally get that! Honestly, I’d love to introduce Amy Schumer to some of the hookup sites that I use because I was once in the same boat. There’s nothing worse than going on a mainstream date with someone you’ve never met. I prefer to meet someone that isn’t serious and just wants to get the D. By the sounds of it, I think she’s more the type to want to find sex and call it a day. Actually, since Amy is so fucking hilarious and pretty decent looking, I would love to bang her. I bet she’d be a hilarious fuck!

Ultimate Sex Dating Bucket List of NYC

I read a lot of publications daily. Probably too many to be honest. I happen to come across an awesome article the other day about a sex dating bucket list. The list had a ton of options that I spent time further evaluating. I decided to condense the list and create a top list of the absolute best ever. This a bucket list of the top ten sex dating action items and options for New York City. A lot of the bucket list items are applicable to other cities.

nyc sex date bucket list

Photo Credit: Uber
Give or receive a handjob in an Uber.

Bucket List of Sex Dating Items

Now, I have to give proper street cred to the one and only Thrillist for giving me the idea of creating this post. There are literally over 1,000 action items I can think of that could be on this list. However, there are some staple items that I needed to share with all my readers. Here’s a succinct list for you to enjoy. Try to cross off at least one or two items on this list. Live the dream, get crazy, get laid and have fun! Without any further delay, here’s the list.

Hire an Uber and give or get a handy. If you haven’t used Uber you better do so, fast. Find yourself someone cute to take an Uber ride with and get some extra pleasure in the back seat. Either that or give some! The choice is yours really.

Go on a date to Yankee Stadium. Take a date to the local baseball stadium and see if you can get any action during or after the game. My guess is that you’ll have no problem getting laid that day!

Hookup on an apartment rooftop. If you live in a nice tall building then I suggest you take your date to the top to bang. There’s nothing better than being on top of the world staring up at the stars and getting some booty! The perfect sex date ever.

Have A Fling with a friend’s roommate. If you’ve got friends then chances are those friends have roommates. You should try and have a fling or two with some of your friend’s roommates.

Bang an art gallery receptionist (or artist). Go to a gallery. Make flirt with a receptionist. Get her number and fuck her. Simple as that. It’s considered a bonus if you can find a hot artist showing their work in their own gallery to have sex with. That’s awesome if so!

Have a one-night stand with a Wall Street broker. Finding a successful Wall Street powerhouse isn’t all that difficult. But hooking up with one might be a little more difficult. What I’d suggest is hitting the area for happy hour and searching for someone that looks like there hungry for an orgasm.

Meet and make out in the middle of a landmark. Visit the Statue of Liberty or a famous museum. Meet someone and make out with them or better yet, have sex with them.

Have sex on public transportation. The subway is a great place to get laid. Find an empty cart and get to work.

Meet a cougar or sugar daddy in an upscale bar. Find the most expensive upscale bar in the city and spend a few nights there. Chances are you’ll eventually find someone single looking to hook up. Preferably a smoking hot cougar.

Bang a local city girl in the library. Libraries are fun because they have so much to offer. Including a lot of places to have sex. I’d suggest finding a corner section and getting busy with a hot sex date.

Again, this is a condensed list but I think if you can cross off a few items on this top 10 list you’ll be happier with yourself. I know when I did I was pumped! Good luck doing so.

If all else fails, grab your mobile device or lap top and try to meet someone online. I’ve had a lot of success with arrangement dating when I travel.  Check out this site – it’s my top one.


Is Kate Hudson Dating Nick Jonas Now?

I love Kate Hudson. She’s a great actress and really hot. She’s been dating some individuals here and there but now it seems like she’s taken a liking to a rather popular guy from an old boy band. You guessed it but is it really possible that Kate Hudson is dating Nick Jonas now? Here’s what I found out about…

kate hudson dating nick jonas

Photo Credit: Splash

Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson Partying and Dating!

According to my source at ETOnline, Kate Hudson was recently spotted partying at an event that Nick Jonas was also attending. The two of them attended a party and were at the event that was thrown by Demi Lovato. The party took place in New York City. The couple didn’t show up with one another, but they were rumored to have gotten pretty close with one another after the event.

Kate Hudson showed up wearing a smoking hot outfit and sexy high heels. Yes, I’ve got a thing for blondes in their 30’s. Hudson, the now, 36-year-old is literally looking better than ever before and the 23-year-old Jonas brother is on top of the charts and world. It makes perfect sense to see these two individuals together. I didn’t know that Nick Jonas was into dating older women and milfs or those of that stature. I can’t say that I blame him though really!

So, here’s some more dirt on these two. According to an ET eye witness, it turns out that Nick was spotted sneaking into Kate Hudsons hotel on Thursday night. Who knows what took place in that hotel room but I hope they both got laid!

Nick Jonas was recently rumored to be dating Kendall Jenner and I’d say that he’s doing a fine job in testing the waters with all the booty he’s surrounding himself with. Since it’s Saturday and I’m spending time up in Cocoa Beach, FL area, I’m going to find myself a booty call online I think to crush in my hotel room!

Selena Gomez Dating Cara Delevigne or Just Rumors?

Selena Gomez seems to be very open and free with her sexuality. She’s not afraid to experiment and is open to the idea of experimenting it seems. But is she really dating Cara Delevigne or is it just another celeb dating rumor?

selena gomez dating cara delevingne

Photo Credit: Getty

Selena Gomez Dating Another Girl, Revealed!

Okay, so I did some more digging and it turns out that the lovely Selena is not actually dating the 23-year-old actress, Cara Delevingne. However, sources say that Selena said she, “loved” hearing all the about the two of them dating!

This all comes after Selena’s recent break up with Justin Bieber and a fling that she had with Cody Simpson. My question now is, does Selena love the dating drama and is she part of the problem in her relationships? I truly can’t say since I’m not directly involved in any of them. What I can say is that she’s been known to cause some drama from time to time and it might be part of the problem!

That’s neither here nor there, though. I’m more concerned with whether or not Selena Gomez is going to start dating girls and hooking up with babes such as Miley Cyrus and others that aren’t afraid to take on some 69 action. My message for Selena is simple. If she wants to find a girl, by all means, find one and call me immediately. I’ll be happy to film the entire sex scene, even partake in some fun and we’ll come out with the next Kardashian sex tape!

The choice is yours, Selena!

Happy Friday everyone and good luck getting laid this weekend.

If Casually Dating, Then Don’t Lie!

Now, we know that some more serious sites like Christian Mingle and eHarmony pride themselves on connecting people with serious intentions. Is it possible that people are lying on these sites about certain things and does it truly impact their dating experiences? More so, could not being truthful may have a negative impact on your casual dating experiences? Find out now!

Don't Lie Casually Dating

Adult Dating and Lying Don’t Mix

I’ve been sharing my dating experiences with you for months now and if you’ve heard me say it once you’ve heard it 100 times…be honest with others! This statement holds true even when you’re casually dating or even just looking for a quick fling. According to an article published by Jezebel, a woman revealed her beliefs and truths during her dating escapade and did so only after the third encounter. The result? It ended up costing her time and led to her potential partner running away from her fast!

Now she wasn’t out looking for someone to simply have sex with that night, nor was she looking for some casual but the same principle can and should apply! I use many casual dating sites and I always tell the truth when creating my profile and biography. Whether I’m using an affair dating site or a generalized dating site like Fling, I never lie to my potential partners.

But Why Not?

That’s simple to answer! Lying to those that you’re casually dating is pointless. Remember, many of the individuals that join these types of sites do so in order to connect with other like-minded individuals carrying the same beliefs. They aren’t looking to marry you or have your kids. They want to have sex and move on. That’s right, I said it! Given that it’s such a casual environment, you shouldn’t be lying about anything at all to your potential partner.

Be Honest and Get Laid!

I’ve been honest with you about my dating lifestyle and probably more honest than most would ever be when it comes to casually dating so many people using networks online. Just keep it real. It’s not worth doing it any other way and if you want to get laid you better keep it honest. It works for me, trust me!

Update: Lamar Odom Possibly Using Drugs at Brothel

Having been following the Lamar Odom story hourly, I felt that it was necessary to provide a quick update for all the other Miami Heat fans out there that care for Lamar and his well-being.

Lamar Odom Using Drugs

Brothel Employee Says Lamar was using cocaine.

Fans and Friends Continue To Pray For Lamar

I reported that Dwyane Wade, other former basketball players and thousands of fans have been praying and showing support for Lamar after being found unconscious in the brothel. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this story hoping that the best outcome possible pans out here. As Twitter continues to blow up with reactions from fans and others I hope they all stay positive and ignore the noise of those that are less than thoughtless when it comes to Lamar, his well-being and the pain his family is going through.

Unfortunately, I wish I had a more positive update but I don’t. It seems as though sources at CNN have recently provided an update on Lamar’s condition. It turns out that according to an employee at the brothel, Lamar was seen using drugs at the brothel on top of possibly using an herbal Viagra supplement. I don’t know the impact that determining what drug was in his system has on the outcome. The fact that any were present can’t be good. Now on top of all of that news, we learned something about my other second favorite KUWTK reality TV star, Scott Disick. He’s finally getting some help for his own partying problems.

Scott Disick Enters Rehab

Scott Disick Checks Into Rehab

As if it wasn’t bad enough for the Kardashian’s and others with Lamar Odom going through this whole life threatening condition, now Scott Disick has checked into rehab after being told he had the ultimatum of giving up his kids or checking himself in to get help for his addiction. This was recently reported by People Magazine and it couldn’t have come at a stranger time with everything else happening in the Kardashian Families’ lives.

Scott has been seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s hanging out with both Lamar and Rob Kardashian. I don’t know if the two of them partied together. What I do know is what I’ve seen on the show and heard recently. Scott and Kourtney Kardashian split up in July after the mother of his kids was said to have been fed up with his partying.

I myself love to have a good time. I love to hook up with girls on the dating sites that I use. But one thing is for sure, when it comes to partying, none of us are invincible. I hate to see these things happen and if this isn’t a huge wake-up call for those that think they can outlast anything, I promise that you most definitely cannot. It’s only fun when you keep it fun. Once it gets insanely out of control it can get really scary and it can happen really quickly.

For those of you that it’s not too late for, I’d suggest trying to get a hold of yourself and face your problems head on. I know it’s not easy at all. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a problem. But it seems like the best ultimatum as opposed to where things can go.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Lamar Odom and his family as well as Scott Disick for manning up and facing his problems head on. Show your support for Lamar, Scott and others that may be facing serious addiction problems by sharing this link on your Facebook page or sending a Tweet. Helps others get help. If you think they need it, show them support and help them before it’s too late.

Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Nevada Brothel

Normally I enjoy writing about brothels and all the madness that can happen at a crazy place where sex goes down, but today I’m in a very bad mood after finding out what happened to former NBA star Lamar Odom.  An ex member of my favorite team, the Miami Heat, I’ve always been a fan of Lamar and have followed his career on and off of the basketball court.

Lamar Odom Clings to Life as Twitter Explodes with Prayers

He was found unconscious in a brothel called the Love Ranch in Nevada in a town called Crystal.  I’ve read numerous reports and consulted many sources on this news, but the best information I found was on NBC News and of course, my favorite website,  All reports say that he was taking some sort of “Herbal viagra” and was not only unconscious, but was found foaming at the mouth and emitting blood from his mouth.

The kicker is that when they tried to airlift him to a Las Vegas area hospital, the 6’10 Odom was too tall for the chopper.  He was subsequently driven the nearly 60 miles instead.  The best timeline of events that I found was on the link (above) from TMZ.  I’ve taken a screen capture of it to capture the timeline of events so far.

Lamar Odom Life Support

This devastating news has caused Twitter to erupt, and many reports have said that Kobe Bryant, along with Kim and Khloe Kardashian (Lamar’s ex wife) have visited him in the hospital.  According to one report, Bryant literally left in the middle of his preseason game to visit Lamar.  Khloe is said to be at his side right now as he is in a coma with his heart and lungs “failing.”

What we Know So Far….

Lamar was “partying with the girls for days.”

He was rolled over and a “mucous type liquid” was coming out of his nose and mouth.

Here’s a picture of the Love Ranch Odom was at.  Reports say he was alone and not with any friends or entourage.

Love Ranch Dennis Hof

A photo of Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel.

It’s well known that he’s had a tough go after being out of the NBA.  There were reports he was doing crack, he entered rehab, and couldn’t get his life together.  Most of this has been blamed on the failed marriage with Khloe Kardashian, and if you ask me, nothing has to be more stressful and taxing on a person than dealing with that family.  In fact, Lamar was mad about Khloe and James Harden dating as I reported earlier.   Could he have spiraled out of control in jealousy?

He’s had a tough life outside of his success on the basketball court, and it’s very unfortunate.  He was a great member of the Miami Heat as well as several other teams.  As a testament to how well liked he was around the league, here are a few of the tweets we’ve seen from ballers around the league.

PRAYERS all the way UP for my brother Lamar Odom!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with Lamar Odom and his family as well.  I hate making updates like this.  Please Tweet this page and share it on Facebook in support of Lamar Odom. 

Lamar Odom and Dwayne Wade

Lamar Odom and Dwayne Wade with the Miami Heat.

Is The Polo Shirt A Dating Dealbreaker?

I’m not really big on the Polo brand. Ralph Lauren is not my favorite, but he’s built up on hell of a brand and even created a fashion style that we’ll never forget. That’s right, the polo shirt! With Ralph Lauren retiring, is it officially time to retire these collared short sleeve shorts and can they cost you a lay in a new date?

polo shirts dating

Dating Without The Polo Shirt?

I typically don’t agree with the folks at the Today show. However, Today recently published a bold statement that could cost us guys a ton of money in new wardrobe. Yes, they are calling for the retirement of the famous Polo shirt. I know that I’ll more than likely not throw out my Polos and other classy short sleeve shirts with poppable collars. Opposed to what the Today Show published, I don’t think wearing a Polo has much of an impact on a first date.

I’ve worn a number of LaCoste shirts on first dates with some of the hottest women in Miami and I’ve gotten laid on more than one occasion in doing so. That said, calling it quits on the collar styled short sleeve shirts is not going to happen for me. In fact, I hope that everyone decides to retire their Polo shirts so I can look unique on the streets. It’ll make things a whole heck a lot easier when trying to get laid!

So, as far as I’m concerned, long story short (sleeved), the Polo isn’t going anywhere and it’s not keeping you from getting laid. Chances are, that it’s your own personality that’s doing that. So, dating without the Polo shirt is likely not to come about for quite some time. Not unless they make it illegal to wear! I should probably mention that the people’s vote have resulted in 90% saying that it’s a timeless classic.

polo shirt vote

Credit: Today Show Poll.

UFC’s Ronda Rousey Together With Travis Browne

Travis Browne is one tough MMA fighter and so is Ronda Rousey. It seems like these two may be doing more in the bedroom together than in the ring. Travis Browne was doing an interview and told “The MMA Hour” that the two fighters are now officially “together,” after starting to talk with one another this summer.

ronda rousey and travis browne

Ronda Rousey is Together with Travis Browne.

Travis Browne Hooking Up With Ronda Rousey

According to NESN, it’s true, the world’s sexiest fighter is officially together with another MMA fighter. Ronda Rousey is hooking up with Travis Browne after splitting up with his estranged wife, Jenna Webb. Travis was actually accused of doing some domestic violence that was being investigated. There was no evidence of it.

Video of Travis Browne Confirming He’s Dating Ronda Rousey

Now, if you’re a fan of the sexy Ronda Rousey, then you know that Ronda likes to have a lot of sex, especially when she’s preparing for a big fight. According to her, having sex releases testosterone in women. She requires a ton of it too in order to win her matches.