Wale and Empire’s Serayah McNeill Dating Rumors False

If you’re an Empire fan, then you definitely know who Serayah McNeill is. She’s a smoking hot actress that’s extremely popular after the start up of the new Empire season two weeks ago. The real question is, who is she dating?

Serayah McNeill and Wale

Serayah McNeill Not Dating Rapper Wale

ETOnline recently reported that these two were hooking up with each other since June. According to sources, Wale and Serayah were dating and have spent time together with one another because Wale has a place in the same area where Empire is filmed.

It turns out that all of this talk is just noise. They’re not dating and are just really good friends. I can’t say I’m all that upset. I think Serayah is absolutely beautiful and would love to see as many sexy snapchat selfies of her. If she settles down, there’s a good chance she’ll stop all that and we don’t want that!

Some Facts About Serayah McNeill

Serayah McNeill is a stunning black girl that was born June 20, 1995. She’s from the United States and plays, singer, Tiana Brown on the famous Empire television show. She’s famous for songs such as Drip Drop, Keep it Movin’ and Bad Girl. Serayah enjoys attending her friend Taylor Swift’s concerts and she can be found on social media posting pics through her official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Here’s a few pics of Serayah McNeill for you to enjoy. It’s hard to believe that she’s only 20 years old! I’d love to bang her! I know they have a lot of hot black girls on one of the adult dating sites that I use. I’ll be on the lookout for someone like her today.

serayah mcneill dating wale

Credit: Instagram @serayah

serayah mcneill

Credit: Instagram @serayah

Knicks Derek Fisher Dating Matt Barnes Ex-Wife

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher used to be good buddies. Heck, they were even teammates at one point. Well, they aren’t friends anymore now that Derek Fisher is dating his former teammate, Matt Barnes, estranged wife. All this in less than a year since filing divorce papers.

Matt Barnes Ex Wife Gloria Govan

A Basketball Wives Love Triangle?

If you’re not familiar with the latest and greatest in reality tv, then you wouldn’t know anything aobut the Basketball Wives in LA show. It features hot rich wives of ballers that like to shop, gossip and have sex. That pretty much sums that mess up.

One of the hot women featured is none other than Gloria Govan, ex-wife of Matt Barnes. He filed for divorce after spending 10 years married to his girl.

According to Fox Sports, Barnes wasn’t all that happy when he found out that Derek Fisher was hanging out in his homewiht his ex. Supposely Matt Barnes drove to Gloria Govan’s house after hearing that Derek was hanging out with a group of friends there. He caused a huge seen and wanted to beat the heck out of his former teammate. I guess at this point it’s safe to say that they won’t be having any beers like old teammates normally do.

To be frank, I don’t know what the big deal is! These professional athletes have sex with the same random women all the time. Who cares if it was his ex-wife. If Barnes really cared, he wouldn’t have filed for a divorce. Now, the funniest part of all of this is that Barnes recently said he was dating Rihanna and Gloria Govan had something to say to the camera.

This brings me to the question of whether or not Gloria Govan was having an affair with Derek Fisher the whole time? Who knows, maybe they met on one of the affair dating sites that I use. I haven’t seen her on any that I know of. Stranger things have happened!

Kendall Jenner Has A Book on Dating

As if the Kardashian girls didn’t have their hands in enough things, the sexy Kendall Jenner has recently revealed that she is giving out dating advice to people. Oh, and the advice is all within a nice little book she wrote.

Kendall Jenner

Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/WireImage.com

Kendall Jenner’s New Book Reveals Dating Advice

Now, we all know that Kendall Jenner as no problem what so ever finding someone to hook up with. She’s had quite a few relationships in her past that I know about and have even reported on. Since she’s dated guys like Orlando Bloom, Lewis Hamilton and Nick Jonas, she knows her way around guys and gets herself “The D” on the reg I’d imagine. Kendall actually got back together with Lewis recently too.

You probably think she doesn’t have to do anything to get what she wants. I’m here to report that this is not the case. At least, not according to a recent article published in SugarScape. It seems that Kendall Jenner puts in work to get the man she wants and she has a book of dating rules that she’s put together for herself that helps her score dudes.

Kendall Jenner’s book is called Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Now, I’m not sure the specific impact the rules within the book have to help her land a guy she wants to have sex with. All I have to say is that she’s a famous model that almost every guy on this planet wants to bang. That said, I don’t really care what her rules are because any rules will work for any Chanel model out there!

Speaking of rules, I have a few rules of my own that I’d like to share with you. They are really easy to remember too. First, I consistently use the best fling sites to meet women. Second, I never judge a book by its cover and third, if I find someone I like to bang I keep the number in my rolodex for future fun. Now, go find your Chanel model and bang the heck out of her today!

What Really Matters With Every Casual Dating App

Casual dating sites are more popular than ever. There’s a ton of crazy hookup websites that have a lot of features, but what really matters most? I’m going to tell you exactly what matters. It’s not what you think!

casual dating apps

The Casual Dating Truth Revealed

So, I woke up early this morning per usual. After hitting the gym for a below average workout today (I hate days like this), I ended up browsing a few dating apps to kill some time between my sets.

As I was browsing a couple new sites, I quickly began to think to myself, “wow, this site has some great features but where are all the people?”

A lightbulb went off in my head and everything seemed to make more sense. I’ve used so many dating sites that I can’t even keep track of the exact number. There’s one thing that I can officially confirm though now and the folks at New York Magazine agree with me as well. Advanced technology doesn’t matter. Crazy high-tech features don’t matter. The advanced search options don’t matter. What actually does matter is the number of users!

The users are the only thing that really matters when it comes to using a dating app or site. I gladly share all my experiences using the best sites. I also do my best to uncover the biggest online dating scams. Even though I put a huge focus on the site technology, having a large number of the right users is what matters most. It’s not just about the users, but the right users really! That being said, I suggest you brush up on which dating sites to use to meet an adult friend. I’ve ranked them all. I know the best, so join one today and you won’t be sorry. Trust me, those ranked at the top have plenty of users looking for sex.

Is Phubbing Ruining Dating Chances For You and Others?

How many times have you been on a date with either you or the person you’re out with not letting their phone out of their sight? I know, it’s something that you don’t even think about because you naturally think it’s not a big deal, but it might be having a negative impact on your hookup opportunities.

phubbing during date

What Is Phubbing and Why You Should Avoid It

Okay, there’s a term for those that can’t stop checking their smartphone while on a hot date. I’m not sure if it’s officially a term or not but the people at Yahoo Health call it, “Phubbing.” The term was formed by combining phone and snubbing. Basically, it’s used to describe a person that pays more attention to their phone versus focusing on individuals that are currently in front of them.

Although studies have been done revealing that when a person focuses more on sending texts or reading emails on their smartphone versus focusing on the person in front of them, the person can become depressed or feel somewhat dissatisfied.

According to a study conducted on 450 adults, Refinery29 states that phubbing has been the cause of relationship issues in 29% of the study.

Does phubbing decrease chances of getting laid?

Absolutely! If you’re on a date in which you’re meeting someone for the first time, I’d suggest you not think about even looking at your phone until you get your date back to your place to hook up with. I don’t care if you’re using a typical adult dating site or an expensive matchmaking service. This is the one case in which I recommend that you not pull out! If you pull it out too early this may completely destroy your chances of getting laid. If you don’t believe me, just give it a try. Once your date gets there, put your ringer on silent, put it out of sight and tell me if that makes for a better experience for all. I’m pretty positive that it will!

Rita Ora Dating Travis Barker Now

We all know that Rita Ora is one of the hottest British singers on the charts these days. She’s been in the limelight and looking smoking hot beyond belief. This sexy 24-year-old singer has someone that she’s been seeing and it’s getting pretty serious. Rita Ora is not officially dating Travis Barker.

These two are getting so serious about it that Travis even introduced Rita to his kids. Rita seems to be playing an exceptionally hot step mommy too. According to TMZ, they spent the day together on 9/21/15 during a celeb basketball game.

Rita Ora Dating Travis Barker

Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage.com; Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

These two may be getting really serious and in it for the long haul. I’m not 100% it’s going to last, but I think it just might!

Travis Barker is the famous drummer from Blink 182 and I actually saw him perform with DJ AM before the famous DJ passed away. Travis Barker is one talented dude. If he’s got just as much skill in the bedroom as he does on the drums, then Rita Ora is going to be begging to “get some” all the time. Now that I’m on the topic, I bet Rita Ora looks fantastic naked. She’s probably a great lay too. I want to see her bare body almost as much as I wanted to see Nicole Scherzinger nude and I accomplished that! So there’s a good chance I’ll eventually come across a photo or video of Rita Ora “in the moment” getting busy. Travis Barker was previously married to a sexy model Shanna Moakler. That relationship lasted from 2004 to 2006 and she’s the woman he has two kids with.

Rita Ora has never been married. She’s dated quite a few guys in her day. One of which is Tommy Hilfiger’s son. She dated Rob Kardashian as well about three years ago.

Travis posted this photo on his Instagram, featuring him and Rita together. As they continue to get closer and closer, it will be interesting to see how things pan out for these two!

Travis Barker Dating

Credit: Instagram @travisbarker

Georgia Bulldogs Lose To Alabama 38-10, But Won A Miss Georgia

The famous Georgia Bulldog quarterback, Greyson Lambert had a busy weekend. He probably spent all night tossing and turning worrying about playing the Alabama Crimson Tide today. He was also worried about his girlfriend Adeline and her becoming Miss Georgia at halftime. It was a busy day to say the least.

Georgia Loses To Alabama

Credit: Instagram @greysonlambert The Bulldogs lost to the Crimson Tide but won a newly crowned Miss America

Georgia Bulldogs Lose To Alabama 38 – 10

First of all, the day was extremely stressful for Greyson Lambert. He gave up a few interceptions. The Bulldog defense, which is typically decent, was really pretty bad. The game ended with Nick Saban guiding the Crimson Tide to absolutely crush Georgia today with a final game score of 38 – 10 and a solid win in Georgia. I love seeing Alabama win a football game, but this post isn’t about Alabama. It’s about Greyson Lambert and him still being a winner even though he lost to one of the best SEC football teams ever.

If you’re a quarterback in the SEC, you’re a winner. I don’t care how bad you suck. You get laid and you have a chance to do anything you want! Now, if you date a smoking hot college girl and she gets crowned anything, you’re a winner. Adeline Kenerly will likely give Greyson Lambert the best sex of his life tonight now that she’s Miss Georgia.

So, all I have to say to you Greyson is dry those tears, sit back and let Miss Georgia show you why she’s officially the hottest girl in Georgia. To the rest of the Georgia fans that are ridiculously disappointed with the results today, there’s a good chance that most girls in your area won’t be DTF. In the event that you can’t find a local college hottie on campus that’s down for some fun time, you can always just find yourself an online booty call to close score yourself a win for the night. That’s what I’d do!

Now if you’re an Alabama player or fan, you better celebrate this win hard AF tonight, but definitely be sure to abide by Nick Saban’s dating advice before giving some Bama girl your jimmy tonight!

Tinder Adds A Super Like Button!

As many of you know, I’m not a super fan of the dating app Tinder, but I’m going to share some news on them today since it’s Friday and I’m feeling pretty good. The creators of Tinder recently added a new feature that allows you to give a little extra love to a potential mate.

tinder superlike

Tinder Super Like Get You Laid Faster?

Well, it wouldn’t be right for me to give you my opinion on the new Tinder Super Like button without fully investigating the product feature. So I did just that and now I’ve got something to say to you about it all. For starters, Tinder only gives you one super like per day. This means you can only super like one person per day and doing so means once you use it you lose it. There’s no building up super likes either if you don’t use it that day. So, here’s how I feel about this, the super like is super stupid and did not get me laid. According to Tinder, they claim that super like conversations last longer than regular likes, approximately 70% longer.

Since I have no desire to have any conversations with girls I don’t really care about this fact. In fact, I want to meet and bang someone, not have a long conversation. That’s typically why I don’t use mainstream dating apps like Tinder. However, I will say that there are a lot of people that use this site to try and meet someone. I’m just not all that convinced that a Super Like is going to get me laid faster. If they start adding a Super Bang button, then I might use it. Until then, I’ll stick to having sex snapchats with horny girls and getting laid instead of pushing a stupid button. But for those interested, check out Tinder’s latests commercial.

Flight Attendant Made $1 Million Charging Guys To Join Mile High Club

You want to join the mile high club right? Well, of course, you most definitely do! We all want to join it. Turns out a flight attendant took pride in making dreams come true for a ton of guys. She made over $1,000,000 do it too! Here are some details for you…

Mile High Club

This isn’t the woman that had sex with tons of passengers. But she’s hot enough to include in the article!

Fight Attendant Bangs Dudes For Money To Help Them Join Mile High Club

Now I’m a bit pissed off for a few reasons. One, I want to make a ton of cash and I have a hard time doing that. Two, I want to give girls orgasms and getting my dick wet high in the sky. Three, I’m jealous AF that I can’t do both of those things at once and kill two birds with one stone. Turns out a flight attendant for an airline in the Middle East was smart enough to mix business with pleasure and profited all across the globe.

According to Daily Mail, this flight attendant had sex with literally thousands of passengers during her flights. She hooked up with passengers while traveling on long distance flights.f

She was charging somewhere around $2,300 per passenger and they were gladly paying this fee. Now, I’d personally gladly pay this fee but the one thing that scares me is that in the event that I knock her up, she’ll know exactly who I am! I’m hoping that won’t be a problem though as long as I use a rubber! LOL.

This woman was immediately fired after the incident and she was even deported. It’s rather unfortunate that we don’t allow this type of behavior on planes. I think that you should be able to have sex with whoever you want on a plane. Now that she’s out of a job, I’d strongly recommend that she apply for a position as a flight attendant working for an airline that travels to and from Las Vegas. That trip can be brutal on the way back and if I’m drunk enough and she’s decent looking, I’d be banging the flight attendant in celebration of my earnings or to help cheer me up for losing my money and mind in Sin City! To all the guys that tapped this chick, good for you!

Now there’s only one dude that I know that successfully bangs girls in the air on the regular. His name is Dan Bilzerian and he’s a fucking stud. He travels around on a private plane, bangs tons of girls and gambles. It’s a life of luxury that I dream about every day. For now, I’ll settle with having sex with local horny girls that I meet online. I still get my dick wet daily. Boom shaka la ka! Enjoy your Friday everyone!

dan bilzerian mile high club

Dan Bilzerian on a plane with hot naked girls. Credit: Instagram @danbilzerian

The JJ Watt Dating App is Real

JJ Watt is looking for a wifey. Do you think you have what it takes to start dating JJ Watt? You might! If you do, then you need to find out if you know enough to date the Houston Texan Defensive End.

JJ Watt Dating App

Attention Ladies: You Can Date JJ Watt!

A company called PixelRocket recently launched an app that tests your knowledge of the MVP Defensive End. Apparently J.J. Watt has been looking for a woman to settle down with and he’s got women all over him to the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Caroline Wozniacki and more. Since JJ started dating Caroline Wozniacki, he’s tried dating other women and not been able to find “the one” for him I guess.

The problem is that he hasn’t been very successful at dating. I know, it sounds impossible for someone worth $100 Million to not be able to successfully date a girl. This app is supposed to change that for Justin James.

How It Works
Here’s how the JJ Watt Dating App works. If you’re a female that thinks she has what it takes to date JJ, then you need to sign up via Twitter. You’ll be prompted to answer 20 questions. For each applicant that ends up answering all 20 questions correctly, a verified tweet is sent to JJ Watt which will include the users Twitter handle.

The app creator, Nguyen thinks that JJ Watt will likely be, “pretty amused.” According to Chron.com, Nguyen thinks that JJ Watt, “needs his own auto-dating app.”

We’ll see how successful this app actually is. If it turns out to work like a charm, I can see many more professional athletes and celebs creating their own dating applications online.