Signs To Stop Casually Dating Her

Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to throw in the towel, even when you’re only dating casually. Believe it or not, things can get complex even though they often do not at all. I’ll tell you when you should stop dating her if you want to avoid the inevitable when casually dating.

signs to stop casually dating her

Stop Hooking Up With A Girl If This Happens

I recently read an article that was published by Boldsky. It was an article written for women on why and when they should stop dating a man. Of course, I didn’t come close to acknowledging any of that noise due to the fact that the writer wasn’t on point as me. I decided to retaliate and flip things, focusing on when it’s time to get the F out of a relationship even when dating casually. So here are a few signs you need to end it!

She Calls Too Much

If you’re casually dating a girl and you find yourself getting calls every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it might be time for you to cut the cord. The chase is over and you’ve got her. I’d recommend cutting her loose at this point before things get to intense.

She Talks About Old Boyfriends

If you’re having sex with a girl and she starts talking about her ex, it’s time to run. Reason being, she’s putting you in the boyfriend category and if you want to just get your dick wet then I suggest you find another hole to put it in without a headache.

Thinking With Your Big Head

When you start thinking with your big head on top of your shoulders and not with your little head, you know things are getting more serious. I’d suggest you back off or shut your feelings off if you want to have an open relationship.

If They Are Too Public

If a girl wants to spend too much time out and about on the town with you and not in the bedroom or hooking up then it might be time to call it quits. Your end all objective is to find a fling and get laid. It’s really that simple. When that objective changes, you need to reevaluate things. Have a great Monday and I hope you either won money from the NFL games yesterday or got to have sex. Either way, it’s considered a touchdown if so!

MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Requires Lots of Pre-Fight Sex

Ronda Rousey is an MMA goddess. She’s tough as nails and has a smoking hot body. Ronda has a strange ritual when it comes to preparing for her fight. It’s something that most guys would kill to help her out with. You guessed it, she requires lots of sex in preparation for a fight!

ronda rousey sex

Photo Credit: MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey on NBC

Ronda Rousey Needs Tons of Sex

Ronda appeared on Showtime’s famous Jim Rome Show and she quickly revealed that her strategy is to have lots of sex when prepping for a fight. She gave this secret up when asked if she abstains for any sexual intercourse during her training. She said absolutely not and it’s just the opposite. It’s pretty awesome when a hot talented girl gets on television and says that she needs lots of sex. Now, don’t get carried away guys, she’s not hooking up with random dudes from Backpage or Craigslist. Instead, she mostly bangs sparring partners or people she knows. The good news for you is that she may be on an easy sex site that I recommend. You could possibly get laid and an MMA lesson at the same time killing two birds with one stone!

Here’s a video of Ronda Rousey Sharing her take on it all.

Ronda Rousey Nake

Now, some of you are probably dying to see Ronda Rousey naked and you may have even scoured the Internet to find it. Well, I’ve got a few sexy pics of Ronda for you.

ronda rousey nude

ronda rousey naked

The moral to the story is that the wise old method of not having sex before a match is a myth and just the opposite. Bang a lot and fight better, nuff said.

Olivia Culpo Dating Tim Tebow

The absolutely stunning Olivia Culpo is dating someone new and this time it’s not a musician. Oliva seems to have hooked up with Tim Tebow. Is it really a match made in heaven? Find out now!

olivia culpo dating tim tebow

Credit: Getty Images (2)

Olivia Culpo Officially Dating Tim Tebow

Sexy Olvia is apparently so over dating young hipster musicians. She’s now got an itching for older athletic guys now that she’s officially dating the ex NFL player, Tim Tebow according to my sources at the NY Post.

Olivia Culpo was 2012 Miss Universe and there’s no guessing whether or not she’s someone you’d want to date. In fact, she’s marrying material! Olivia recently split up with Nick Jonas he’s likely a bit jealous of Tim Tebow. Nick and Olivia broke up sometime last June and I had reported that Nick Jonas was possibly dating Kendall Jenner after splitting with Olivia.

I can’t even imagine dating a girl as popular and hot as Olivia Culpo. I mean, I’ve definitely banged a ton of hot girls but she gives a new definition to the word hot! I just might spend my entire day using my dating apps to find the hottest Olivia look-alike I can in hopes of banging her harder than ever tonight. Don’t worry Olivia, I’ll close my eyes and think of you while I’m with her. She’ll never know the difference. All she cares about is getting some D deep inside her most likely.

Happy Saturday my people. I’m off to change my world, one date at a time!

Here’s a nice pice of Oliva for your to enjoy. Check out the rest of her Instagram!

olivia culpo instagram

Cougar Housewife Sonja Morgan Dating Tommy Maksanty

The single Real Housewives of New York love dating and drama. This time, it’s Sonja Morgan that’s in the limelight. Sonja calls herself “the original cougar” and she’s proving that to us today based on who she’s dating now.

cougar sonja morgan dating 22-year-old

Credit Photo: Getty Images / AP

Sonja Morgan Dating 22-year-old Guy

It turns out that Sonja practices what she preaches. She’s always got a fire in her eyes for some young guys to bang and social media is officially proving that to be true. According to Fox News, Sonja Morgan is now dating a 22-year-old male model and landscaper from West Virginia.

Her new boy toy can be seen hanging out with her on his Instagram. It is most certainly not love, at least not that I know of, but it could be something spicy. Sonja Morgan joined the so-called cougar club awhile back when she started publicly dating younger men. Supposedly she’s got no problem taking her young boyfriend around with her to bars and other guest appearances.

sonja morgan dating young men

Photo Credit: Instagram @tommymaksanty

So how did Sonja Morgan, go from being married to a J.P. Morgan relative to getting banged by young dudes? Who cares really right!?!?! The important thing is that there are plenty of milfs out there like Sonja looking for the D. All you have to do is go out there and find them. Now get to work on this fine Friday!

Georgia Bulldogs Greyson Lambert Now Dating ‘Miss Georgia’

It’s no surprise that the SEC is a monster football conference. The Georgia Bulldogs almost always show up to prove their strength each season. It seems like the Bulldogs quarterback scores off the field with a sexy pageant girl that’s to be crowned Miss Georgia soon.  While he may not be a well known celeb, you can learn about their romance by reading on.

georgia bulldogs QB Dating Miss Georgia

Credit: Instagram @adelinebkenerly

Georgia Bulldogs QB Hooking Up With Miss Georgia

Greyson is in heaven I’m sure not that he’s dating Miss Georgia. Greyson Lamberts girlfriend, Adeline Kenerly, will be crowned Miss Georgia on October 3, 2015, the same day they play Alabama Crimson Tide.

Adeline Kenerly is getting the Miss Georgia crown after her Betty Cantrell was named Miss America. Given that she can’t hold both titles, the runner up becomes the winner.

SEC Quarterbacks Love Pageant Girls

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing an SEC QB hook up with a smoking hot pageant girl. Former Bama quarterback, AJ McCarron was dating Katherine Webb, who was crowned Miss Alabama. Maybe it’s a trend. Do quarterbacks love pageant queens or do pageant queens want to bang famous SEC football players? Who cares, just go have fun!

Pictures of Miss Georgia

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen your share of pictures Adeline Kenerly, but I’ve got a few sexy photos of the soon to be crowned Miss Georgia. If you have any photos of Miss Georgia nude I’d love to see them. Just send ’em over my way when you can please!


Jennifer Garner Still Single After Split With Ben Affleck

Bennifer is still officially gone baby, gone and likely for good. This leaves beautiful Jennifer Garner single, but is she ready to mingle? Some people like to dive right in to get over an ex and others choose to take a different route. Here’s what Jennifer’s doing to move on.

Jennifer Garner Remains To Be Single

jennifer garner still single


As you know, Jennifer Garner is a smoke show that we’d all likely want to have sex with, possibly even marry because that’s just the level of quality this woman is. It turns out that Jennifer is not doing any dating at all since she split up with Ben Affleck. According to PEOPLE, she’s taking some time to adjust to what she’s calling “a new normal.”  After being married to the Boston actor for so long, it seems like she really needs a break and wants some time alone to just destress. In fact, she’s even stated that she doesn’t plan on dating for a long time. The two of them called it quits after the rumors that Ben was hooking up with their nanny.

As for Ben Affleck, he’s been extremely busy these days with the filming of his new movie, Live By Night, and has been kicking around the Boston area for work I guess. I’m sure he’s not trying to score any of that Massachusetts booty after getting a taste of what Hollywood has to offer. I would always shoot for a California girl before hooking up with a Boston chick, but that’s just me.

It’s been slow in the dating celeb news arena lately. Nothing too exciting but I’m sure things will pick up as the week progresses.

Michael Fassbender And Girlfriend Split Up

The Assassin’s Creed film star, Michael Fassbender is back on the market, so it seems. He’s recently split up with co-star Alicia Vikander.

michael fassbender girlfriend

Photo Credit: Barcroft
Michael Fassbender & Girlfriend Alicia Vikander Split

The Light Between Oceans Co-Stars Break Up

According to, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander announced the break up after a long nine months of dating. These two celebrities were last seen together attending the Monaco Grand Prix.

This comes as no surprise just based on Michael’s previous dating behavior. Based on my personal research as well as the Star, he’s been known to hook up with co-stars I guess. I heard that this split up happened because Alicia was getting sick and tired of Michael’s partying. Funny that a young actress and model is bored with the partying of her older boyfriend. I’m shocked really (kidding). But seriously, if Alicia is looking for someone more reserved, she should call me. I’ll be glad to give up the partying and promiscuity in exchange for serving her up a full plate of D every night. I have a great idea, Michael Fassbender and Scott Disick should meet up in Sin City for a weekend party to celebrate the break up. I can imagine they’d be tons of booty involved in that party. They may have to have to pay for sex in Las Vegas but don’t we all one way or another?

Who’s Alicia Vikander?

Alicia Vikander is a 26-year-old Swedish actress. She’s a smoking hot brunette that’s well known for her role in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl. I don’t think Alicia is very upset with her split. I can’t imagine she’ll have a tough time finding another man. She’s young, hot and the type of girl I’d like to bang myself. Given that I spend most of my time chasing down college girls and milfs, she fits the profile of the college hotties that I’m all about.

Scott Disick Has A New Hot Girlfriend

Well, you know I’m a huge Scott Disick fan. He’s simply a boss when it comes to having fun and giving zero F’s. The real question is whether or not the Keeping up with the Kardashian’s star has a new girlfriend. I’m thinking he just might and she’s probably hot. I’ve got the details for you.

makayla yarbrough

Photo: Makayla Yarbrough Instagram

Scott Disick Is Dating Someone New and She’s Hot!

Lord Disick likes to keep his private life, well, private. But some things just can’t be kept all the private. Especially when you’re a bad boy like Scott Disick. It’s been somewhat of a mystery as to whether or not Scott has a girlfriend. I’m here to spill the beans on all this and more. According to my sources at the Inquisitr, the Lord is now dating a smoking hot 22-year-old model from Utah named, Makayla Yarbough.  Sometimes, I wish I was a celeb. Sometimes.

Star Magazine has some inside info on his girlfriend situation too. It seems as though the Lord is doing his best to keep Kourtney Kardashian from finding out that he’s dating someone. Apparently he’s really trying to go rogue with regards to his dating antics.

Now, you and I both know that the Lord is going to do whatever he wants to do, regardless what Kourtney has to say about it. He’s probably getting his fair share of booty now that he’s a free man.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian split up this summer after Kourtney was sick of his partying antics. He’s since been rumored to be dating a number of women. To all those rumors, all I have to say is, leave Scott alone and let him do his thing. If he wants to get a few new pieces of ass after being tied down for years, then I say go for it. For those of you that think he’s taking a step down dating a 22-year-old model, think again. You’d love to smash this chick on the regular. If you tell me you wouldn’t then you are a liar.

makayla yarbrough instagram

makayla yarbrough photo from Instagram

If you’re interested in checking out hotter photos of this model then I’d recommend checking out her Instagram account. The pictures are fire and she’s definitely one that I’d take to pound town by way of my king size bed. If Chuck Norris approves then I approve.

pound town

Millions of Women Use Online Dating Everyday

With some of the online dating site hacks that have taken place this year, they’ve given a bad name or left somewhat of a bad taste in a few people’s month. Just like attending a party, it only takes one person to ruin things for everyone. I’m here to share some facts and let you know that millions of women are using dating sites every day to either meet someone for a long-term relationship or just get laid quickly as possible. The facts don’t lie.

women online dating study

Study Reveals Tons of Women Use Dating Sites Today

A lot of people have heard the news on Ashley Madison users getting exposed as well. You may have also heard the news on the female bots being used on the affair dating site. Well, I want you to forget all that nonsense because I’m here to tell you that there’s a ton of dating sites that exist out there with real women in the millions. Let me get straight to the facts though before I go any further.


Quartz revealed some numbers, in terms of general online dating, 13% of men and 9% of women use Internet dating sites in the United States. Now these statistics are based on a study done by the Pew Research Centre in 2013. Now, we all know that since 2013, the number of users must have increased with things changing so rapidly and more people going mobile.

Some dating sites have been getting a bad rep for not having enough female users. However, this isn’t the case for all sites and this proves it to be true. The London-based dating app, The Inner Circle, banned women from joining and becoming app users in an attempt to even out the gender ratio of registered users. According to The Inner Circle, 60% of their users are women.

Another fact I’d like to point out is that contrary to what the public believes, women seeking hookup sex and casual dating only does exist. I’m living proof of that given that I “hit it and quit it” after meeting women on many of the casual dating sites I use. A study conducted actually disproved the myth of men wanting casual sex more than women. The bottom line is simple, we all want to get laid and hookup sites work to help achieve that goal. Seeing that it’s Saturday, it’s a perfect day to meet someone. Get out there and get at it!

Russell Wilson’s Dating Life Tough For Seahawks’ DJ

Russell Wilson’s dating life isn’t all fun and gmaes for the rest of the Seahawks, especially for the famous DJ DV One. Seattle Seahawks players like to hear music to get them pumped up pre-game and during the game. Russell’s girlfriend Ciara is making it more complex than it should be.

seahawks dj one

Credit: Twitter/@DVONE

Seattle Seahawks DJ Won’t Play Ciara or Future

The players often request music to get them pumped to play. They like all types of music and it wasn’t any issue before 2015 but now that Ciara is in the Stadium, DJ DV One is having a tough time playing her music as well as her baby daddy, Future’s top songs.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback might need to speak with his teammates about making all the Future requests. According to CBS Sports, the DJ said that last year it was Drake that was popular, this year it’s Future. With Russell Wilson now dating Ciara, the DJ feels weird playing both Ciara and Future tracks at CenturyLink Field.

My take on all this is to get the heck over it. Ciara is a professional entertainer and so is her baby daddy. No one cares how DJ DV One feels about playing the requests. DJ’s are there to take requests and make the party fun. All he needs to do is his job and there shouldn’t be any problem. I have a lot of friends that are DJ’s and they don’t take it personally, nor should DJ DV One. I vote for playing anything that makes the Seahawks play like crap since I’m a huge Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski fan. Whatever gives the New England Patriots more of an edge, LOL.

Anyway, slow day in celebrity dating gossip, so I’ll just leave it at that and be back tomorrow with more fun news to report.