Russell Wilson’s Dating Life Tough For Seahawks’ DJ

Russell Wilson’s dating life isn’t all fun and gmaes for the rest of the Seahawks, especially for the famous DJ DV One. Seattle Seahawks players like to hear music to get them pumped up pre-game and during the game. Russell’s girlfriend Ciara is making it more complex than it should be.

seahawks dj one

Credit: Twitter/@DVONE

Seattle Seahawks DJ Won’t Play Ciara or Future

The players often request music to get them pumped to play. They like all types of music and it wasn’t any issue before 2015 but now that Ciara is in the Stadium, DJ DV One is having a tough time playing her music as well as her baby daddy, Future’s top songs.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback might need to speak with his teammates about making all the Future requests. According to CBS Sports, the DJ said that last year it was Drake that was popular, this year it’s Future. With Russell Wilson now dating Ciara, the DJ feels weird playing both Ciara and Future tracks at CenturyLink Field.

My take on all this is to get the heck over it. Ciara is a professional entertainer and so is her baby daddy. No one cares how DJ DV One feels about playing the requests. DJ’s are there to take requests and make the party fun. All he needs to do is his job and there shouldn’t be any problem. I have a lot of friends that are DJ’s and they don’t take it personally, nor should DJ DV One. I vote for playing anything that makes the Seahawks play like crap since I’m a huge Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski fan. Whatever gives the New England Patriots more of an edge, LOL.

Anyway, slow day in celebrity dating gossip, so I’ll just leave it at that and be back tomorrow with more fun news to report.

Sizzl, Oscar Mayer Dating App For Bacon Lovers?

Are you a big bacon fan? No kidding. We all love bacon. With the “everything bacon” craze hitting the market today, it’s no surprise that matching people with food likes makes sense. Is this dating niche better than traditional hook up sites?

sizzl dating app

Sizzl Bacon Lover Dating App Launched

Oscar Mayer believes that there is such a thing called love at first bite when it comes to bacon. The app Sizzl, which Oscar Mayer created is not a traditional hookup app. According to TechCrunch, this new app allows users to choose their level of attractiveness by sizzling bacon on the person for an extended period of time. Of course, I understand different strokes for different folks, since I like having sex with random girls online and some are looking for a long term relationship, but this is crazy!

I love bacon, more than you’ll ever love it. But I’ll never join a dating app just because we have one food item in common. I’m not sure if this is some sort of publicity stunt or a good ole college try but there’s no way you’re going to have a better chance at hooking up on this app than using the many more popular dating sites.

However, I have to commend the creator for coming up with the idea. I’ll tell you my problem with this site. I’ve got this bacon commercial stuck in my head. It’s of a dog begging for bacon. I know, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s true. For that reason alone, I can’t join this site and wouldn’t recommend it. However, it’s one hell of a stab at another Tinder-style dating app. If I were Oscar Mayer, I would stick to promotion strategies like National Hot Dog Day and other events, but not dating. The last thing I want to do after eating a pound of bacon or a few hot dogs if bang a girl. I generally prefer to take a nap after instead.


Online Dating Turn Off’s Ranked and Revealed

I spend a lot of time writing about what turns women on, often leaving the turnoffs out. I’m here to change that today. There are a lot of things you need to do to make sure online dating journey a success, but you should also not being doing a few things as well.

online dating turn offs

#1 Online Dating Turnoff in Men

With women loving beards these days and the long facial hair becoming so popular, one wouldn’t think that the number one dating turn off in men would be what has been revealed. According to, a poll was taken, which consisted of 2,000 men and women who are active in the online dating scene. They came up with a list of the top five online dating turn offs for each gender.

For starters, according to the poll, women disliked ponytail’s in men the most. So, if you have long hair and you want to increase your dating success, I’d suggest you go and get a haircut as soon as possible. I personally don’t have long hair and think whether you have it or not isn’t a huge factor. What is a factor is if you’re presentable and not looking like a slob.

Now, for the rest of the turn offs that were ranked in this poll. When it comes to finding a girl to bang online, I’d suggest you NOT do any of the following things. First off, definitely don’t add a picture to your profile that features another girl. This was considered to be a big turn off according to the poll. Second, take a photo of yourself for your dating profile and don’t use a photo where an ex-girlfriend is clearly cropped out. This should be a no-brainer, but some just don’t get it. The third and fourth turn off’s were overgrooming being too much of a muscle head. Yes, women like muscles, but they don’t want to date someone that’s abnormally jacked. Focus on getting ripped, not jacked and you’ll get more girls. Lastly, the number five turn off was having a long beard.

Now, 2,000 men and women can’t be wrong right? Take my advice, make the changes necessary and you’ll have better luck with your online dating journey.

‘The Perfect Guy’s’ Sanaa Lathan Dating French Montana

Could it be true? Is Sanaa Lathan dating the bottle poppin’ French Montana? You guessed it! Sanaa is about to release her new movie ‘The Perfect Guy’ and is it just in the nick of time for her to find the perfect man for herself?

sanaa lathan dating french montana

Sanaa Lathan Now Dating French Montana

Sanaa Lathan and French Montana Hook Up

French Montana spent a lot of time sulking over his breakup with Khloe Kardashian.  (Sister of Kim K, of course.)  He then moved on to his really wealthy billionaire reality TV babe Dorthy Wang. I guess it’s safe to say that he’s officially moved on from both of these women now that he’s dating actress Sanaa Lathan. According to sources at Complex Magazine, these two are definitely dating each other and having a lot of fun doing so. Sanaa Lathan confirmed this rumor when she appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show. I’ve got a video of the confirmation for you to check out. It’s an audio clip due to being a radio show, but you’ll get the idea.

Sanaa Lathan Nude on Video

Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that it would be really nice to see Sanaa Lathan nude on video huh? I know and now you can in her new movie, The Perfect Guy. I’ve actually got a clip of the video featuring her nude on camera. Check it out below.

If you’re just interested in seeing her in some hot pics, I suggest you visit Sanaa Lathan’s Instagram account because she’s got some seriously smoking hot images on there.

sanaa lathan



Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Teams Up With Tinder App

Sports Illustrated Swimsut Supermodel Nina Agdal is sexy, loving life, on the cover of a sports magazine and is on Tinder?!?! You guessed it! This Model is officially swiping right and she’s revealing her love for dating apps.

Nina Agdal Tinder Dating


Sexy Nina Agdal is without a doubt one of sexier models sporting sexy outfits on the runway these days. Unlike some of the famous models out there, she’s using and supporting all types of dating apps, including the famous Tinder. According to Daily News, Nina Agdal said, “It’s a great way to meet people.”

As you know, Tinder allows you to connect with people in close proximity. If you find yourself attracted to someone on the app, all you have to do is swipe right and they’ll be notified. This is one of the most popular ways to meet someone but it’s definitely not even close to being the best. There are far better sites online that connect you with others for a casual date.

It also seems like a lot people are taking a more casual approach to dating these days. That’s music to my ears given that I spend majority of my time trying to just connect for a quick lay.

Swipe Up Instead of Right?

Of course there’s a reason Nina Agdal is on Tinder and it’s for promotion purposes it seems as well as for pleasure. She’s working with Tinder to promote the new “swipe up” feature. Here’s how it works, if you’re really interested in meeting someone and you really, really like them, you can swipe up instead of to the right. That good news, if you’re simply looking to hook up with a sexy local then you shouldn’t even be on Tinder. I’d suggest joining a site that’s geared towards connecting for sex. That’s what works for me!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Nina Agdal Nude

I couldn’t leave you without sharing this swimsuit models nude picture. She’s absolutely stunning and makes me want to join every Internet dating site I can to meet someone as beautiful as her to bang. Check out her Instagram for more info!

nina agdal nude

Credit: Nina Agdal Instagram Account

Check out some of the dating site reviews I’ve done to see which will get you laid.

Lewis Hamilton Dating Kendall Jenner Again!

Guess which Kardashian is making dating changes to her life? You guessed it, Kendall Jenner. It seems that Lewis Hamilton and Kendall Jenner are dating once again. I’m going to share the scoop on these two for you!

lewis hamilton dating kendall jenner again

Credit: Splash
Kendall Jenner on a date with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Kendall Jenner Hooking Up Again?

It’s not that hard to tell that the Formula1 professional race car driver is once again interested in smashing this KUWTK Star. Kendall and Lewis were spotted in NYC the other day, according to my source at OK!. Were they taking a friendly stroll just as friends or were they trying to work things out and get back together? These two first hooked up this June when I reported that they were spotted getting close on a yacht in the South of France. They were rumored to have hooked up on that trip and if Lewis didn’t seal the deal taking her there, well, I don’t believe that!

After the yacht trip, Kendall and Lewis split for a bit. Lewis then hooked up with Rihanna while taking a trip to Barbados. Kendall wasn’t staying home watching TV eating ice cream and crying about the situation. Instead, Kendall Jenner ended up dating with Nick Jonas for a short stint.

It’s actually pretty damn hard to keep up with the Kardashian’s given all the changes they make in their dating lives. At this moment in time, you’ve got Kylie dating Tyga and Khloe dating James Harden. I don’t exactly know who Kourtney is dating but I’d imagine that she’s dating someone since splitting up with Scott.  That’s the rest of the Kardashian hookup status based on my knowledge. LOL

All this KUWTK talk is making me want to find a rich sugar momma to take care of me. All I’ll have to do is have sex with her and occasionally cook hopefully. I think I’m going to focus and really work hard to find a few new sexy cougars to treat me with some drinks so I can treat them with “The D.”

Blindfold: Blurred Picture Tinder Like Dating App

Individuals in Singapore are supposedly more concerns with people finding out who they are then getting laid. The latest dating app released in Singapore is called Blindfold and it’s very similar to Tinder, except you can’t see the persons face before swiping.

blindfold dating app

Blindfold Dating App. Do NOT Join!

What I don’t understand about this whole concept is, if you’re not using some sort of affair or cheating dating site and you don’t want to be noticed or seen on it, then what’s the point? If you’re uncomfortable having your profile found and picture shown on the app, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get laid as much as you could.

How It Works

Here’s a rundown of how the Blindfold app works and a few reasons why I won’t use or recommend it. Once you’ve joined, you’re shown a profile of someone that could possibly be a match for you. You can decide to chat with individuals before you see what they look like. You’re able to chat via messaging with that person you choose and it requires that you both agree to reveal yourself before the pictures are unblurred. According to CEO Wendy Tse, she reporting to Techinasia that, “Many of my most beautiful female clients are sick of men who only want them for their looks,” and this to me sounds absolutely crazy. Every other dating app I’ve used has sexy female members using their best photo as a profile picture. If they weren’t trying to use their looks to attract men, then they wouldn’t be topless in a profile pic.

I’ll never use this app or recommend it..

I’ll never ever use this Blindfold dating app or recommend it for a few reasons. For starters, I have a number of dating apps that I’ve been able to get successfully hook up with women on already. While I’m always looking for more, I’m not going to try one blindfolded. Another reason I’d never use this app is that it’ s a Singapore-based app. That does nothing for me in the United States.

Lastly, does anyone remember those AOL Chatrooms? How about chatting with someone and getting the “files done” voice message when the person you’ve been chatting with sends an image. You get that image and realize you’re not talking to the hot barbie you think you are, but some gross creep (hopefully of the opposite sex) and they send the strangest picture ever? Yea, I’m not about that AOL Chatroom life. No thanks, I’ll pass. I don’t need to invest time in chatting with someone I don’t know what they look like or if I’ll even think they’re attractive enough to bang. I’ll stick to my dating sites that actually get me laid!

Is Rihanna Dating Travis Scott Now?

Rihanna is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes to sexy singers. Is it possible that she’s moved on again to someone else? She’s always making strides in her singing career and why wouldn’t she try and make changes in her dating life as well. I’ve got the scoop on her and Travis Scott.

rihanna dating travis scott

Getty Images

Rihanna Dating Travis Scott Officially

Well, it seems to be spot on true according to my reliable source at Eoline, Rihanna and Travis Scott are officially hooking up with each other and their certainly finding ways to keep one another entertained, so it seems. Rihanna and rapper Travis Scott were actually spotted in NYC the other night at a place called Gramercy Theater. The two were seen leaving the Theater together. According to sources, these two of simply having a good time and they’re just now going on some sort of fling dates I guess. That said, I’m sure Travis Scott is getting his share of Rihanna booty during their dating spree.

Supposedly, neither individual is denying any type of relationship and they’re pretty open about seeing each other. Rihanna was last seen dating Lewis Hamilton, but chances are, that is likely over if Travis Scott is dipping his pen in that ink. Before Lewis, there was the famous Madrid soccer star Karim Benzema who she was spotted out on a few dates with.

At this point, I’m not really sure what Rihanna’s dating plans are. What I do know is that she’s not shy about wanting some new piece to get busy with. For that, I have to say, Rihanna, you’re okay in my book. Keep getting laid and paid. More power to ya girl! Stay sexy!

Online Dating Password Best Practices

So maybe you weren’t a part of the Ashley Madison hack and if so, that’s good news for you. If you were, it’s not the end of the world, don’t sweat it. However, if you think Ashley Madison is the only site that could get hacked think again. Now, that being said, most dating sites are extremely safe to use. What you must know though is proper online dating password practices to help minimize chances of having your profile hacked.

online dating password

Guy using Ashley Madison Dating Site Credit: Carl Court/Getty Images)

According to a recent article published by Forbes, they conducted an analysis and determined that a significant number of sites don’t use passwords that are secure enough. Meaning, they accept very weak passwords by users.

Two sites mentioned to be the WORST were Illicit Encounters and BeNaughty (you won’t find them my top 10 because I know they suck).


benaughty illicit-encounters

The study was conducted by a company called Dashlane and a set of 19 different criteria were taken into consideration. They had also tested to see which company would accept a basic “12345679” type password.

Based on their findings some scored really bad with Be Naughty and Illicit Encounters scoring the worst. I’m here to share a few tips so you don’t end up getting your profile hacked like others.

Use Letters, Numbers and Symbols

Always be sure to use letters, numbers and symbols in your passwords. Anything less than that is really not secure enough. It’s basic principle that must be followed.

Don’t Use Anything Close

I always recommend using animal names, kids names, or even your own name. It’s too predictable really. Doing so Is just really bad idea and likely the first thing that someone is going to try.

Don’t Use Things You Like

If you’re a miami heat fan, I don’t suggest using Miami heat in your password because it’s easy to remember. Anyone can find out what you like and don’t like through social media today.

Don’t Be Consistent

Do not use the same password for everything. You’re basically begging to get hacked doing so.

The Best Way

The best way to create a secure password is to open a notepad, hit the close your eyes and start typing. Incorporate a number and capitalized letter in there and you’re golden.

I took this approach when I joined the last to sites I became a member of, Eros Dating and Easy Sex and no issues thus far. Knowing that you have a secure password means less worrying and more time spent looking for a sex partner.

Odell Beckham Jr. Now Dating Amber Rose

It’s almost football season and now that deflate gate is over, we can talk about NFL players like NY Giants Odell Beckham Jr. dating big booty Amber Rose. Say what!?!?!?! You heard that right. I’ve got the skinny on this bootylicious babe and rumor has it she likes NFL oral. Keep reading for the scoop.

odell beckham jr dating amber-rose

Did Odell Beckham Jr. Go Down On Amber?

Well, as you know by now, I’m personally not one to kiss and tell but when it comes to booty call babes like Amber Rose, I just gotta spill the beans and share all that I know with you guys. According to TMZ, Odell Beckham Jr. and Amber Rose are in fact dating one another. Although they are in the early stages of dating, they seem to be having a hell of a time together. In fact, I heard that Amber Rose snapped a photo of Odell going down on Amber. She posted this on her Instagram account too. Now, I’m not entirely sure this is real and I wanted to keep it somewhat clean so I’m not posting the explicit details but you can easily see what’s going on below.

odell beckham eating pussy

An official Odell Beckham and Amber Rose Pic?

You might recall that I also recently reported that Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly were a hot item. I’m assuming that they split up or they’re taking a break. Perhaps MGK doesn’t mind Odell going down on this bad girl? Who the hell knows! What I do know is that I’d have no problem what so ever tapping that ass. In fact, I love nothing more than an online booty call to find someone to have a fling with. Since I’m typically all about getting laid and paid, (in bars, online, wherever) not having a long term relationship, these online dating sites work wonders for me.

You may ask, “Are there girls like Amber Rose on the sites?” and my answer to that would have to be, without a doubt there are! Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean there aren’t other hot women out there looking for the “D” that aren’t famous. Give one a try and report your results back to me. Thank me later.